Why Volagi?

We want you to have the best experience on a bike, ever.

1.) Form and Function

Not only are our bikes beautiful - with our sweeping, curved tubing - but the shape serves a purpose. Our patented Longbow Flex Stay Technology, built into every Volagi we offer, isolates the rider from both high-frequency vibrations and harsh impacts. We designed our bikes to be comfortable for the long haul, and did so from the beginning... not as an afterthought.

2.) Unparalleled Fit

One of our founding principals is to not only provide the best riding bicycle, but to make sure it fits perfectly as well. With our bike fit form, here, along with your personal feedback, we make sure you are in the best possible riding position from the start until you are done your ride, no matter how many miles that is. For those who desire a more comprehensive fit, or just want to see how we do things here, we offer our Perfect Fit Program where we provide a professional fit for no additional cost, and also apply part of your travel costs towards your new bike purchase! We really want to meet you and make sure your bike is 100% the way you want it!

3.) Customization

At Volagi, every bike is a custom bike. We build every Volagi one at a time from the frame up, allowing us to customize the build on the fly for fit, performance, or preference. We use our extensive fit form and database to determine ideal frame size, handle bar width, stem length and rise, and handlebar position. We will stop at nothing to get you the exact build you want, from one-off single speeds, to individual component substitutions, to custom pink paint jobs.We want this bike to be the most inspiring bike you'll ever ride.

4.) Quality Control

Our bikes aren't put together on an assembly line like large bicycle companies. Being small means we can hand build every bike and pay close attention to every detail. Being small also means we have qualified eyes and hands every step along the way. From the moment we receive the frames, to assembly, to the moment FedEx picks up the bike box to be delivered right to your door. Everyone in our headquarters is a passionate cyclist and industry veteran, and we consider every build a member of our Volagi family.