Weather the conditions this Winter with Volagi

There’s no denying the benefits of riding a bike over other forms of transportation. When traveling long distances or simply commuting to and from work on your Volagi, your bike needs to be as resilient as you are.

Both the Viaje and the Liscio incorporate front and rear fender mounts to keep Mother Nature from ruin­ing your clean duds. The Viaje has wide enough clearance for 42c tires without fenders or 35c tires with fenders. The Liscio will accept up to 28c tires comfortably with fenders mounted (with a little bit of filing to the front fender slot) and 30c tires without fenders. Never again will you have an excuse not to ride all through the winter months. Many brands carry fenders that will fit on our bicycles however here is the short list of fenders we’ve found to work quite well:


1. SKS Longboard 45mm

2. Planet Bike Cascadia


1. SKS Longboard 35mm

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