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Viaje Cable Routing

Viaje Cable Routing

Posted by on Jun 17, 2013 in Bike Maintenance, How To | 2 comments

For the adventure bike in our stable, we’ve designed the Viaje with completely housed cables throughout the length of the bicycle. This set-up prevents invasive dirt and grime from compromising your shifting while out shredding trails or conquering a double century.

Volagi Lead Mechanic, Omar, sat down to give his best advice for routing the cable housing on your Viaje. Leave your questions, comments, or tips for Omar and he will gladly take the time  to chat with you.


By: Omar Sison

The cable housing that originates from the right side of the handlebars should cross over the head tube to the left side of the frame. All housing crosses the head tube except the front brake housing. A barrel adjuster is applied to the housing of the front derailleur cable (as shown). I recommend Shimano SP41 shift housing, especially for Shimano drivetrains, and for improved brake modulation and power, I recommend Shimano SLR or Jagwire compression-less housing. Keep in mind that your housing should be just long enough to allow for full range of motion of the handlebars when you move them from side to side.


Note: the front brake cable can either be positioned in front of or behind the rear housing.


Here you can see a setup with two barrel adjusters on the shift housing, primarily for use with MTB derailleurs such as Shimano XT and SRAM X9.


Notice there is no barrel adjuster at the derailleur when using a MTB rear derailleur.


From left to right in this image: Rear brake, rear derailleur, front derailleur.


Shift housing crosses under the bottom bracket—with the rear derailleur housing crossing underneath the front derailleur housing.


Make sure cable housing length allows for relaxed radius into the derailleur, forming a straight, continuous path through the barrel adjuster. Try not to kink the cable at the barrel adjuster, it will only adversely affect your shifting.

Now go out and explore some new trails!


  1. You guys need to put some 650B wheels on this bike. Seriously. It’s the perfect platform. With disc brakes it’s just a simple wheel swap. And fit it with a pair of black Pacenti Pari Moto 650x38B tires!

    Ed Braley.

  2. Good recommendation Ed! We are currently setting one up with 650B wheels and Grand Bois Cypres 650×32 tires, we’ll let you know how it turns out.

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