What is the Vanguard?

The Vanguard is a Facebook page created by some of Volagis first owners, completely independent of our influence. We are flattered by the responses to our products on this page and honored to have such an amazing group whom we can call our extended family. Check out the Vanguard page for reviews, advice, or just a general good time with plenty of warm, fuzzy feelings!

Testimonials and Love Letters

  • "As everyone was getting off their bike, we heard "wow, my back is killing me", and "something is really messing with my neck today". Thanks to so many factors on the Volagi bikes, we were without kinks, pain, or sore spots! Still fresh for the second half. Thanks!"
    Linda - Viaje Owner

  • "I'm going on two years with my trusty Viaje. It has taken me through Minnesota snow, Northern Wisconsin woods and over Colorado mountain passes. At home on gravel farm roads, urban trails, across grassy fields and on more civilized pavement. Never backs down from ice, snow, sleet, hail, rain or even thunder & lightning. I have found a bike that loves a good adventure as much as I do!"
    Tim T. Viaje Owner

  • The Viaje inspires either great confidence or insanity. I'm not entirely sure which!
    Cindi - Viaje Owner

  • Thanks Volagi! I just completed my first half Ironman with 4,300 ft of elevation gain over 56 mile and I loved every minute of it.
    Darcy-Liscio owner

My Volagi is the coolest bike I’ve ever owned and I’ve owned a lot….started out in 1962 with a ballon tire bike and soon hit the harder stuff. It arrived a few weeks back and immediately became my only bike. I commute on it 14 miles/day in Oakland and it had its first 300 kilometer brevet just last weekend. Wow, the discs are so great on the steep stuff! Fear is a forgotten emotion. The shock absorption is phenomenal, better than my Calfee or my Trek Madone. And it is stable as a rock making for much more relaxed cycling on short and loooooonnnnnnnngggg rides. It is a thing of amazing beauty with its arcing stays and understated red, white, and black paint job." -Jack, Liscio owner, 3/14

  • I’ve owned my Volagi Viaje less than a year, but it seems a lifetime already. A quintessential adventure bike that has proven more than capable from the streets of Paris to the trails of the San Gabriel mountains. Always eager for another mile or a new route. Touring? Yep. Commutes? oh yea! Group rides? why not! Off road adventures? the longer the better!
    David-Viaje XL owner

  • Dear, Team Volagi I just wanted to say *thank you* for building the Ignite EL wheels tough. During the White Mountain Double Century, I got a flat tire 27 miles away from the finish line, stuck on Highway 6 at 8:15PM in the dark with no way to get help. Out of tubes, I knotted the inner tube where I thought the puncture was and stuffed the rear tire with as much leaves and grass I could gather from the side of the road. I told myself I'd only ride as far to safety as I could and attempt to get help. But 27 miles and and almost 2 hours later, I found myself at the finish line. Although the tire had to give up its life to get me to safety, I was pleasantly surprised that the only visible damage my wheel was some superficial scrapes on the rim. The wheel itself is still true and none of the spokes were broken or loose. My bike shop is shocked and surprised to say the least, saying that no wheel should really be ridden that way for more than a mile or two. Thanks for making really reliable products. :) Always your happy customer, Gino
    Gino-Liscio owner