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Liscio II XTR/Ultegra Di2 Flatbar

Shimano has done it again. By allowing the crossover of XTR or XT Di2 trigger shifters with Ultegra or Dura Ace drivetrains, we can now create the ultimate flat bar build.
Combining the gearing of a compact road group with the upright position and familiarity of trigger shifters – this component group is the ultimate endurance bike for riders who wish to be in the most upright position, or the fitness rider who demands the highest performance. Tried and true Di2 reliability, with over 5,000 shifts per charge, means you’ll probably never get stuck with a dead battery. If you do, Di2 intuitively shifts the front derailleur into the easiest gear, and saves any remaining juice for shifting in the rear until you make it home. Riders can also trust the XTR Race hydraulic disc brakes for consistent stopping power and are the lightest disc brake option available from Shimano. Ergon GP3 grips are already ergonomic to begin with, now with the added benefit of integrated bar ends for more hand positions on long rides. The upgraded carbon bar also adds compliance, easing the hand fatigue common on longer rides.

Congrats to Robert Choi on his 27th Everest Summit!


We wanted to give our co-founder Robert Choi a shout out and share this image with all of you of him atop Everest with our lightest bike model, the Liscio II (which is definitely and clearly NOT photoshopped in any way). Robert climbed over 800,000 vertical feet last year, which is the same as hiking from sea-level to the top of Everest TWENTY-SEVEN times! Not to mention he logged this in just under 11,000 miles on his Liscio II and Viaje Ti (original prototype frame). When asked about his mileage, Robert remarks “If life hadn’t got in the way I would have probably got 1,000,000 vertical feet…”

How much did you ride in 2015? More importantly, were the miles memorable?

Volagi Viaje ti Ryser-10

Custom Paint, Enve Components Shine On Viaje Ti


Our Viaje Ti, beautiful on it’s own, truly shines with this build for our customer S. Ryser. Custom paint touches by Time Warp Paint in Ogden. Full Ultegra Di2 Hydraulic, with Enve Cross Disc Fork, Stem, Handlebar, and seatpost, Brooks C17 Carved Saddle with matching Brooks Cotton Canvas bar tape. Reynolds ATR wheels with Clemente Gravel Grinder tires round out this package for a bike that is both as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional for miles in the saddle. Call or email us today and start your custom journey at [email protected] or 801-690-7008.


From the Shop: Now Offering Custom Paint

Over time we have fielded several requests for custom paint, and now we are happy to offer this service through a local painter. We don’t even mark up the paint, you just pay what our painter charges us. Check out our first paint job, a simple pink clear coat over the top of an existing black/white frame.

Liscio XT Flat bar front

Liscio XT Flat Bar – Our most versatile build?

When we built the Liscio, our intentions were to make the ultimate bike for endurance racing and riding athletes. We built it lighter and snappier than the Viajes for quick accelerations and great power transfer. We made the tubing more aerodynamically shaped to slice through the wind on long open roads. We succeeded in our goal, the bicycle industry has claimed the Liscio as the best endurance race bike, and we agree.

What we never expected was the demand for the XT Flat bar build on the Liscio. Why so much demand? We believe its the incredible versatility of the bike. Busy lifestyle? The Liscio XT is the perfect fitness bike. Light, snappy, clean, and unique. Take it out for some quick after work sprints, and then unleash it on the weekends to really take down some mileage. The upright position is extremely comfortable for long rides, with little aerodynamic sacrifice over the drop bar set up. Trying to live green? Add some fenders and panniers and have an upright and quick ride that’s light enough to take up the stairs instead of the elevator, and has the looks to impress anyone in the office or at the grocery store.

The XT kit from Shimano is their bench-mark mountain bike group- so you know it’s built tough, and with the available 40 tooth cog option from Wolf Tooth Components, you’ll have plenty of gearing to get up any mountain.  We also supply Ergon ergonomic grips so your hands stay comfortable on the long rides, with available integrated bar ends for multiple hand positions. The Xt shifters are adjustable for almost any hand size and shape, with precise indexing so every shift is perfect. The XT disc brakes are also incredibly adjustable, and set the benchmark for power, lever feel, and modulation. You can descend any road in any weather with the confidence that your brakes will perform flawlessly.

The XT Flat Bar – The ultimate get to work, fitness missle, grocery grabber, bike path crusher, and weekend warrior chariot. Coming in at about 18 lbs stock, with lighter options available for ultimate customization.

robert pursuit

Photos From the Hoodoo 500

Longbow carbon view from below

Volagi and the Ground-Breaking Longbow Flex Stays


When Barley Forsman and Robert Choi set out to design our first frames, they knew they would be swimming against the current trends of the cycling industry of the time. The industry seemed to think that everyone desired bikes based off their race models. Bikes with steep angles and aggressive geometry. Bikes with so much stiffness built into the frames it became overkill and unpleasant to ride. Not only were these bikes detrimental to every day riders, but these bikes were also held back by rules the UCI (the bicycle racing worlds governing body) wouldn’t budge on: no disc brakes, and frames could not vary from “traditional” construction designs.

” When developing Volagi’s original bicycle frames, my co-inventor and I set out to design a bike best suited for “endurance” road cyclists. Endurance road cyclists, or riders, are cyclists who prefer to ride for longer distances, 100 km or more rather than compete in organized sanctioned races against other riders. Endurance riders are looking for a bike that still performs like a racing bike but, more importantly, that is comfortable and forgiving to bumps and road vibrations since they are on their bicycles for a long time” says Robert.

Previously, in order to isolate the rider, bicycle companies relied on one or a combination of existing options:
1.) Use thinner tubing at the rear of the bike to create more flex – which worked well for compliance but would deflect and steal energy from the rider when pedaling, as well as affect handling.
2.) Use elastomers or other energy absorbing materials – which absorb high frequency vibrations well enough but add undesired weight to the bike and do nearly nothing for large impacts.
3.) Use a suspension linkage, like mountain bikes – which isolates the rider completely, but affects the geometry and handling of the bike, pedaling efficiency,  as well as adding too much weight to be desirable on a road bike.

To accomplish our goals, Robert and Barley created our patented Longbow Flex Stays, a design that completely isolates the rider from harsh road vibrations and impacts and provides ~6mm of movement at the saddle, while only allowing a fraction of that movement at the bottom bracket. What this does is isolates the rider in a seated position without affecting drivetrain performance, allowing for the snappy acceleration of a race bike without the harsh ride associated with it. Our Longbow Flex Stays also allow for energy absorption when standing, something that just adding an elastomer or suspension to the seat post will not do, and because of our oversized bottom bracket and tapered chainstays, the rider loses no power to the pedals.

We also took the time to engineer our LongBow Flexstays to work best with each material we use – Hi-Modulus Carbon Fiber, Titanium Alloy, and Cromoly Steel. Because each of these materials each have different characteristics and capabilities, a cookie cutter approach was not only impossible, but impractical. Our carbon frame, with its slightly shorter headtube, has the joint moved slightly back towards the seat tube. The Ti, slightly further forward. Our steel? We designed it to accommodate wider tires and changed the joint location completely vs. the other two frames.

We believe what we have accomplished with our line of bikes is a complete set of options that, no matter which you choose, will totally surpass you previous notions of how comfortable a bike can ride, while still maintaining the snappy, responsive feel you desire from a high end bicycle. Try a Volagi today, and discover your Will to Go, blaze new paths, and challenge preconceived notions of how and where you can ride a road bike.


Viaje XL, New Stealth Black Paint



Check out this new Viaje XL built up with SRAM Force CX-1 in the Black paint we just got in. Stealthy, cool, low key, with a splash of contrast so when people ask “Who makes that sweet bike?” all you will have to do is point at the down-tube and cruise on past. Built with CX-1, this bike is perfect for long tours on less than ideal terrain. The 1×11 gives you similar gearing to a conventional double with fewer parts to fail when you are far away from civilization. Also, the narrow-wide chain and rings help prevent dropped chains over ultra-rough terrain.

Available in all sizes and builds, reserve your Black Viaje XL today.

Staff Tested and Approved: Mavic Ksyrium All Road Pro

Today we are highlighting the Mavic Ksyrium All Road Pro Disc wheelset. This new offering from Mavic had us really excited, as the traditional Ksyrium road wheelset set a benchmark in weight, technology, and aerodynamics. The All Road holds true to that tradition of excellent out of the box performance and reliability, with the added benefit of a wider rim profile, centerlock disc mounts, and are easily adjustable for different axle options.

After the first ride on the new wheels, Cody immediately remarked at the wheels stiffness, noticeably stiffer than the carbon Reynolds wheels he had previously. This translates to quicker acceleration and better handling, although he did adjust air pressure down slightly due to the slightly harsher ride.
The new freehub is also a noticeable improvement from past models, with a 360 degree engagement system with 60 points of engagement. This results in a much faster engagement from the freehub after coasting vs the previous models with four or even two pauls.

Wheel Specs:

Weight: 1620gm set

    ISM 4D-


hoodoo award

HooDoo 500 Victory for Volagi

We would like to congratulate our Co-Founder Robert Choi for his excellent performance at the HooDoo 500, for taking the Mens over 50 field win, setting a new course record, and surviving 500 miles on a bicycle in the desert! When asked for once piece of advice to surviving such a feat, Robert says “Pain last only a short time, but Glory lasts forever!” (and also “Be sure to test new shorts out on a nice long ride before trying a new pair during an ultra-endurance event”). Always a smile on his face, no matter how exhausted he may be.

hoodoo award

robert hoodoo finish