Staff Tested and Approved: Mavic Ksyrium All Road Pro

Today we are highlighting the Mavic Ksyrium All Road Pro Disc wheelset. This new offering from Mavic had us really excited, as the traditional Ksyrium road wheelset set a benchmark in weight, technology, and aerodynamics. The All Road holds true to that tradition of excellent out of the box performance and reliability, with the added benefit of a wider rim profile, centerlock disc mounts, and are easily adjustable for different axle options.

After the first ride on the new wheels, Cody immediately remarked at the wheels stiffness, noticeably stiffer than the carbon Reynolds wheels he had previously. This translates to quicker acceleration and better handling, although he did adjust air pressure down slightly due to the slightly harsher ride.
The new freehub is also a noticeable improvement from past models, with a 360 degree engagement system with 60 points of engagement. This results in a much faster engagement from the freehub after coasting vs the previous models with four or even two pauls.

Wheel Specs:

Weight: 1620gm set

    ISM 4D-

Mavics proprietary rim machining process reduces weight by up to 15% over previous models. Its the wavy look you see on the spoke side of the rim, adding material at the spoke for strength and stiffness and removing material between spokes to reduce weight. Another new feature is the rounded rim profile, said to increase aerodynamics.


Mavics Kysrium Rims aren’t drilled for the spoke nipples, the rim wall is pushed up and into the rim and then threaded for better strength and stiffness.

Wheels Pictured with Panaracer Gravel Kings 32c

Keep checking back for more highlights of products actually tested by our real employees, under real riding conditions, without compensation.

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