FSA Afterburner, 15mm Rise Bar 31.8, 680mm wide (+15.00)

SRAM Road Hydraulic Disc Brake Recall

UPDATE (December  20, 2013) – Sram replacement plan for recalled brake systems: http://sramroadhydraulicbrakerecall.com/sram-road-hydraulic-brake-recall-replacement-plan/

UPDATE (December 18, 2013) –

SRAM, the maker of bicycle componentry and brakes, has issued an immediate recall for all of their hydraulic braking systems. They urge current users to stop use immediately. As a company manufacturing road bikes exclusively using disc brakes, we will cease to equip our bicycles with SRAM hydraulic products until further notice that the issues which incited the recall have been resolved. You can read more about the SRAM Recall here: http://www.sram.com/news-articles/sram-road-hydraulic-brake-recall-stop-use-immediately

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