E7 Sync Saddle

E7 Sync Saddle


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As endurance cyclists, we take comfort quite seriously.  With our Longbow frame design, disposition toward FSA’s Wing Pro handlebars, wrapped in even our own Volagi handlebar tape, we had to be just as precise in selecting an appropriate saddle.

The E7 Sync has proven to be a great solution for many cyclists who spend 4+ hours out on the road.   Any endurance rider knows that a good bike fit is non-negotiable in achieving comfort; we fully agree.  But we also know that for some arriving at the perfect fit is easier said than done.  It can often be a complex, intimidating, and sometimes expensive process.  This saddle design attempts to simplify the whole deal.  Here’s how:

Let’s begin with it’s mildly hammocked profile.  The gentle curvature cradles your underside yet maximizes your ability to shift forward or back, an often overlooked but critical characteristic.  This is important not only to accommodate the variance among riders’ sit bone measurements, but to accommodate the change in sit bone width as the pelvis tilts forward or back, for example, when we get low in a headwind or sit up for a climb.  The elongated and scooped tail further increases comfortability by extending available seating area to the rear.

A dual-density shell creates a durable and firm structure while focusing elasticity in key places to relieve hot spots and mitigate vibration.  Finally, a light, firm foam, durable synthetic leather cover, and titanium rails with plenty of fore-aft adjustment, rounds out the package.

  • 135mm width
  • 294mm length
  • 250g
  • Center relief channel for improved blood-flow
  • Available in black

Titanium (+35.00), Chromoly (+0.00)


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