• liscio 105 front end
  • 105 crank
  • Shimano 105 Black, 11 speed, Compact 50/34T, 11 speed (+$0.00)
  • Viaje / Shimano 105 Triple Crank
  • Liscio / Shimano 105 11 Speed
  • Shimano 105,ST-5700 - Black
  • Liscio / Shimano 105 11 Speed
  • BR685

105 Kit

Shimano 105 – With  technology directly adopted  from the Shimano race line, Dura-Ace,  Shimano 105 continues to impress with its high  performance and value at a fraction of the cost of Dura-Ace.

Now available with R-685 Hydraulic Brake levers, the same lever used throughout all the Hydraulic Brake offerings from Shimano. Scroll for more info and build kit specs. Back To Build Kits

For years entry level riders all the way to racers on a budget have chosen Shimano 105 for its quality, value, and reliability. Light action shifters breeze through gears, shifting up to 4 gears with one sweep of the shifter. Technology developed in the Dura-Ace line such as hollow forged crank arms, hollow and composite-sectioned chainrings, and ergonomic levers and hoods have all been brought to the 105 group for the best performance value in the Shimano line. Chose the 105 Hydraulic option, and get the same powerful R-685 shift and brake levers as you get across all group levels.

  • Ergonomic Levers and Shift Hoods for less pressure on the hands and wrists, plus a naturally curved brake lever for a more powerful feel.
  • Shift up to four gears in one sweep.
  • Integrated Hydraulic Brakes for increased braking power and confidence. Resevior integrated into the shift hoods for a clean look also creates a taller hood tower, popular for its taller “bull horn” area. (Optional)
  • Race influenced weight savings with Hollow Tech 2 crank arms and chainrings, with composites added for weight savings.
  • GS long cage rear derailleur design for 11-32T compatibility.
Shifter/Brake Lever

Shimano 105, Black, Shimano R685 Mechanical Shifting, Hydraulic Braking

Front Derailleur

Shimano 105 Black, Double

Rear Derailleur

Shimano 105 Black Long Cage


Shimano 105 Black, Compact 50/34T, 11 Speed


Shimano 105 11-32T


Shimano 105 11 Speed Chain

The Shimano R-685 lever, one lever to integrate with all of the Shimano Hydraulic group options. Dura-Ace to 105. Exceptional shift quality, incredible ergonomics, powerful braking and smooth lever feel. Pair with the Shimano Ice-Tech rotors and brake pads for extra-cool running brakes to keep noise down and power up on long mountain descents. Aspiring riders will be comforted by the increase in braking power in inclimate weather, providing consistent stopping power in rain, hail, snow, sleet, graupel, or whatever else mother nature might throw at you during an epic ride. Easily maintained and adjusted, Shimano took their knowledge from their mountain bike disc brakes and applied it and refined it for Shimano Road Disc.