Santa Rosa Cycling Club 600k Brevet

Brevet Smiling: Santa Rosa Cycling Club 600k

“Tina Forsman rides about 200 miles a week, she is Barley’s mom and rides her Volagi Liscio often. This weekend I rode with her and attempted to finish the SRCC 600K. We started really well, the heat took a toll on us on Saturday but we continued riding as if there was not time limit. We took 30 minute brakes at the rest stops, even a one hour break at Pope Valley, maybe it was too long. We had fun, we rode for hours, we arrive at Willis, California, the turn-around point at 1am in the morning. We continued riding and arrived at Pope Valley for a quick 40 minute nap and breakfast.

As we continued on, somewhere on our way to Clearlake, we had to abandon the ride since we weren’t going to make the time control in time. The best part of the ride was riding with Tina and enjoying her always bright smile, even with the aches and pains, and the mechanicals, and the heat, and the long climbs and the endless rollers. She always had a smile in her face… we all should ride like Tina, just enjoying the ride.”

Words & Pictures – Susan Scarlet-Macaw

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