Viaje Titanium

"As more companies rush to release gravel and endurance bikes with disc brakes and lots of tire clearance, Volagi’s titanium entry starts to look like an excellent design that was simply ahead of its time." -Outside Magazine, 2/24/14

Viaje Ti: For Those Who've Seen it All

Titanium has got all the right properties for our signature feature, the LongBow FlexStay. It is this piece of engineering that puts our Ti bike in it's own category. Many talk about the magical and mythical ride of Ti. We would have to agree. In practice, we find that while just as comfortable, it just seems to lunge with a bit more gusto than its steel sibling. Otherwise it boasts most the same feature as the Viaje XL with a few key improvements:
+PF30 Bottom bracket shell: This virtually removes any restriction to crank and bottom bracket choices; threaded bbs, 24 or 30mm spindles, square-taper cranks, whatever you got. It also accepts eccentric bottom brackets for those interested in a single-speed or Shimano Alfine configuration.

+Slightly longer chainstays to maintain tire clearance (on small sizes) and increased heel-to-brake-caliper clearance (on the larger sizes).

+Allows for up to a 700x40 tire (700x32 with fenders. We recommend SKS Longboards in 45mm).

+Electronic Shifting ports are provided. (Seatpost battery recommended)

+Just because it's titanium doesn't mean it shouldn't be versatile. It keeps eyelets for rear rack and full fenders.

+Smashes E.N. testing requirements

+Frame manufactured by Ora Engineering in Taiwan. These guys are amazing at what they do.

+Designed in the U.S. by Volagi Cycles

Longbow Flexstay dissipates vibration while the etched panels lend a touch of class

Endurance Geometry for an Easy Fit

Full Housing protects cables year-round

We try not to play favorites:)

Viaje Geometry: Note that the 63cm is available only the steel XL model