Liscio II

"The Liscio is incredibly comfortable and just felt like the thing to be on. The bikes are incredibly well designed to be comfortable on long-distance races and I think it really made a difference for me." - Chris Ragsdale upon completing the 2013 Race Across America. He was the first American to cross the line after just under 11 days of riding.

"The most comfortable road frame we've ever ridden."

...It is also one of the most adventurous, begging to be taken off the asphalt in a way that no other bike in this test does." -Caley Fretz, Velo 2013 Endurance Bike Test

VeloNews Endurance Test (PDF)

+ Volagi Road Geometry and Construction: The Liscio feels quick and lively, stiff through the drive train but vertically compliant. Our patented Long Bow Flex Stays attenuates road vibration for all day comfort as you ride over the broken asphalt of your next gran fondo. The 30/24T carbon composite blend is layered to be stiff laterally for efficient climbing but vertically compliant for very a smooth ride on the saddle.

+ Extended Headtube: We designed the Liscio with "real riders" in mind allowing for a more balanced and upright position. Because we want you to feel as good at the end of the ride as you felt when you started.
+ Disc-brakes are simply better: In 2010, we at Volagi were ahead of our time, being the first in the industry to introduce disc brakes for performance road bikes. Disc brakes decrease hand fatigue while increasing safety and control. They eliminate carbon rim failures due to heat fatigue and rim wear, while increasing modulation and control over every condition.

+ Electronic Shifting Compatibility: Again, decreases hand fatigue and is also virtually maintenance free. Shifting should always be this easy and precise.

+ Standard 135mm rear hub spacing gives you plenty of disc-specific hub options.
+ Internal cable routing with guides for easy cable installation and decreased cable friction. This ensures supreme braking and shifting feel when using traditional cable-actuated systems, keeps the dirt, rain, and sugary, sticky energy drinks off your cables.

+Frame exceeds all safety requirements for EN 14781 for Road Bikes and disc brakes frame mounts exceeds EN 14766 for Mountain Bikes. Recommended rider weight limit: 225lbs. (102kg)

+Designed in the U.S. by Volagi Cycles (That's you and me)

Handsome Post Mount Aesthetic

Longbow Flexstays Transmit Vibration Away From the Seat Tube

Engineered to Slice

Stiff Bottom Bracket with 30/24T Carbon increases durability and power while mitigating vibration

135mm rear wheel spacing

Endurance Geometry