Pedal Strokes to Pen Strokes

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As a small company of cyclists designing bikes with the everyday rider in mind, we understand that the most triumphant feats of human strength come from reaching deep within and discovering you can push yourself further than you ever believed. We know that the greatest intrinsic rewards come from conquering life’s climbs and cresting their summits with courage and strength.

We also know that to find the true heroes of the sport, you need look no further than the people riding alongside you on your next club ride. They have no doubt been battered and beaten down, cold, wet, exhausted, pushed to the limit and emerged on the other side with stories that inspire us to perpetually push our inner boundaries. Because the real stories that represent the sport of cycling are not made on the steps of the Champs Elysees or talked about in interviews with Oprah. They’re made on your local climb and retold on the steps of your local coffee shop.

The spirit of cycling is embodied by everyday riders like you, and to showcase the unspoken heroes of the sport, we would like to invite you to share your stories of inner strength and endurance. Contact to have your story featured here.

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