Omar’s Mixed Terrain Adventure

“Here are some photos from a mixed terrain ride I “stumbled upon” yesterday.  I would highly recommend it if you’re in or visiting the Ogden area.  Unless you take a mountain bike, there will be quite a bit of hiking in the beginning, so a lightweight Viaje setup seems a good tool for the job.  The ride really begins with a long climb up North Ogden Divide to the Skyline trailhead south.  An overcast day would make perfect conditions to try to make it to the top of Lewis Peak (8,022′), but otherwise to wear sunscreen.   The hike is roughly an hour.  Being in fairly unknown territory, with strong winds, intermittent snow drift which cut across the trail, and a little food, makes for good adventure.  Be sure to bring at least two bars if you want to push the pace, but no need to charge, there’s a ways to go.

Nearing the top, I found Lewis Peak was still mostly inaccessible due to snow, “forcing” me to begin heading descending toward the Pineview reservoir.  I say “mixed terrain” but make no mistake, this is mountain biking territory.  Still it made for one of the longest, rockiest, yet flowiest single-track runs I’ve ever done.  I would however recommend tubeless tires to anyone taking a Viaje down it.  The day prior I succeeded in flatting twice despite the 700×45 tires.  This day I would flat not once on tubeless 700×35 tires at 35 and 40psi!

Finally back on the road, you can follow it around the north end of the reservoir, stopping for a coffee and sandwich at the Valley Market in the township of Eden, truly a paradise by many standards.  With energy renewed continue clockwise around the reservoir, it’s nice flat ride, without much traffic at all, and great views of the surrounding peaks.  After about three miles, take a left onto Trapper’s Loop and begin the ascent to Snow Basin ski resort.  It’s good climb of 7 miles, with a fairly even grade.  Compact crank is recommended if you like to spin, or go bigger if you like to grovel.  In any case the grade was kind enough to me, just enough to allow me to turn over a 42×32 low gear without feeling too heroic.  I just pretend I’m Bradley Wiggins, and it’s all good.  So mental.

At the top, it’s time to celebrate, because it’s time to drop back into the canyon.  Begin the final descent from southern section of Parking lot 3, and follow signs to Wheeler Creek, into Icebox Canyon, and down Wheeler Canyon.  Hold on because it gets rough, but stay loose, because…it gets rough!  An absolutely magnificent finale, complete with tricky rock sections, green with trees and the rushing sounds of the creek.”

– Omar

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