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Will the Volagis accept a triple?

While we do not offer the Liscio as a stock bike with a triple, it will accept one with the right parts.

For the Liscio, with its BB30 bottom bracket you will need some sort of adapter like Wheels Manufacturing’s BB30 adapter, or one of the BB30 to 24mm adapting bottom brackets from Rotor or RaceFace among others. With these adapters, standard triple cranks can be fitted with the addition of a triple front derailleur and front shifter. On the Viaje, the BB386 Evo bottom bracket has its own adapters that allow for the use of 24mm spindles(most triples).

We know that the bikes will accept a triple however you might want to keep the compact crank (since the FSA’s SL-K is a monocoque carbon arms, expensive and lightweight…) and only swap the rear derailleur to a long cage and run 11-32 Wi-Fli cassettes from Sram, or switch to a mountain bike long cage derailleur (9 speed for Shimano, and 10 speed for Sram) and be able to run up to an 11-36!