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Will the Liscio Accept a Rack?

We do NOT recommend fitting a full rack on the frame – there is a weight limit to the bike and the bike was not designed to carry an extra load. Also, the extra weight will ruin the handling of the bike – imagine pulling a trailer with a Porsche 911 (not good). Remember, the Liscio is a high performance bike – not a loaded touring bike.
Having said that, we have been experimenting with an Arkel Randonneuring seat-post rack:

Their published total max weight limit is 13 pounds. We have tested it with 10 pounds and would highly recommend NOT exceeding 10 pounds (total weight – rack and cargo) with our bike – the weight really effects the handling (especially out-of-the-saddle climbing – feels a little like riding a tandem).

We spoke with a sales rep from Arkel and he thinks there should be no problem with durability – he claims that many of their customers use this rack on carbon posts (and bikes) with no problems.

Barley has ridden a 200K with the rack, Sarah Burke has ridden a 300K with the rack, and we know of others who have ridden with it on their Liscio.

HOWEVER, the Viaje is completely rack compatible.