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Why have disk brakes on a high performance road bike?

Here are a few reasons that come to mind:

1. Consistent braking under all conditions: The braking force is consistent so speed control is more predictable even in wet and muddy conditions.

2. Better safety and control: You can modulate or have greater range of control since the stopping force is even with no sudden grabbing and locking of wheels. No possibility of blowing tires/tubes or rolling tires from overheating rims on long descents or from “riding” the brakes.

3. Better stopping power: Apply more force so you can stop sooner.

4. Less hand fatigue: More stopping power means you don’t have to squeeze your brakes as hard which is a problem on longer descents and cold rides.

5. No black gunk all over the frame: Don’t you hate riding wet knowing you have to clean the black stuff from your aluminum rim?

6. Less maintenance and economical: Since the pad wear is minimal, no need to constantly adjust the cable length and pad position. Less wear means less cost to maintain.

7. Easy to adjust: No tools required to adjust brake pad clearance.

8. Carbon rim: No heat damage to your expensive carbon rims.

9. Brake even with broken wheels: Disk brakes are not affected by the conditions of the spokes or rims; so even if your break a spoke, you don’t lose braking.

10. Better range of tires: Your range of tires is no longer affected by clearing calipers.

11. Ride with fenders: No tire clearance to worry about without the rim calipers.

12. Easier to repair flats: No need to clear calipers and adjust pads every time you have a flat.

13. Peace of mind: You have enough things to worry about when going for a ride - your brakes should not be one of them.