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Why build your own components (wheels, saddle, fork, etc) when there are so many others on the market?

Mostly, we decided to make our own components either because they were not available as were the case of disc wheels with 130mm hub spacing, disc forks that are aero and compliant, or we thought could do it better.

Both Barley, and Robert have over 35 years of bicycle component design experience and therefore as long as we are offering something unique and a beneficial over what exists, we want to do it.

In reality, most manufactures in Asia, have expertise and specialize in certain fields of design that most branded companies share the resources from the same factory. For example, our Sync Endurance saddle manufacturer Velo also manufactures for Specialized (BG saddle), Trek, Cannondale, San Marco’s, Prologo and others. Our wheel manufacturer is the exclusive manufacture and assembler for DT Swiss and shares many components and hand assembly procedures with DT Swiss.