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What is the rear wheel spacing?

Currently, the Liscio's rear spacing is the traditional road bike spacing of 130 mm. We are making our own hubs and wheel sets to accommodate this spacing, and there are 130mm disc hubs available from White Industries, Velocity, and others.

One of the reasons we went with 130mm spacing is so that you could still use your existing wheels with traditional road brakes – so in this case, if you already have a road PowerTap, you could just use that wheel (without any modifications) with a standard caliper road brake. Since there are currently no 130mm disc power hubs on the market, we recommend Quarq, Look Power pedals, SRMs, or any other option that isn't built into the rear hub.

However, you will see our bikes transition to 135mm spacing over the next year. 135mm offers a stiffer rear wheel, and more readily available hub options, but it isn't as simple as just widening the frame. Careful consideration of heel clearance is necessary, which is why we haven't adopted it sooner.