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What other advantages can I find in a Volagi Bike?

The line SL and EL has been designed from scratch and we have been able to incorporate clearances that are impossible to retrofit. Volagi comes equipped with slightly wider, 25mm tires, for improved traction and reduced rolling resistance.

Additionally, Volagi is able to accommodate full fenders with integrated fender mounts. As you know, our events happen rain or shine, as with a Volagi when the weather turns wet you won’t have to pull out your heavy bike in order provide some much appreciated protection for yourself and the rider behind you.

Regardless of how compelling the engineering is or how seductive the design it all comes down to the ride. If you think you might be in the market for a performance bicycle you really should test ride a Volagi and discover for yourself what it’s like to ride a bicycle designed specifically for someone just like you.

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