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What is benefit of the seat stays?

Our design engineers, long-term ultra distance riders themselves, created Volagi by scrupulously and painstakingly designing every tube and connection millimeter by millimeter with fresh eyes for exactly details that together would create unique ride characteristics best suited for our riders. This resulted in a ground-breaking frame design we call LongBow Stay.

By specifically shaping the seat stays and bringing them around the seat tube to connect to the top tube we were able to create just enough flex, a demonstrable flex, to achieve improved compliance that results in better tracking and control as well as reduced rider fatigue. We know you are concerned about losing power transfer from the pedals to the rear drive sprockets as an unwanted by-product of this flex so we oversized the seat tube and down tube, made the chain stay both short and stocky to eliminate any flex in this critical area. The front fork and all possible frame tubes have been aerodynamically designed to cut wind resistance for all those times you’re riding in the peloton.

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