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What’s better? Mechanical or hydraulic discs?

Honestly, there are tradeoffs to both, it just depends on what you want.

Mechanicals tend to be slightly easier to work on since you don’t have to bleed them. Typically, standard brake cables and housing are used, meaning there is the potential that you could get them repaired easier in a pinch (although these days, most shops have everything needed to fix hydraulic brakes as well). They also tend to be cheaper than hydraulics.

However, currently hydraulics tend to have more braking power, better modulation, tend to be quieter and lighter, and need less adjustment. Most of this is due to hydraulic brakes having two self adjusting pistons, whereas mechanicals only have one piston that doesn’t self adjust. The trade off is that they are typically more expensive and require bleeding with special tools for the initial set up.

Most importantly, both mechanical and hydraulic brakes provide huge advantages over regular rim brakes.