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How does the LongBow Flex™ Stay work and will it affect the handling of the bike?

We designed the LongBow Flex™ Stay to optimize the carbon fibre's natural properties to absorb road vibrations and maximize the ability to move up and down. To put this in non-layman's terms: Our patent- pending design gives maximum vertical compliance and suppleness while maintaining a high degree of lateral stiffness or STW (stiffness to weight ratio) for power transfer.

The LongBow Flex™ stay is a revolutionary design that utilizes high-yield strength carbon fibre and lengthens the overall stay to maximize the frame’s ability to give vertical compliance to absorb road vibrations. In fact, the frame’s vertical deflection rate at 6.0+mm/kN is one of the highest in the industry. Even the orientation of the oval shape allows the stay to flex in one direction, while maintaining stiffness side to side for maximum control and power transfer.

Another benefit to the LongBow Flex™ stay is it actually maintains the great handling characteristics of a short chain stay design while enhancing the ride quality. Furthermore, the stay is connected all the way to the midpoint of the frame providing a strut- like design for even better lateral stiffness. As a result, Volagi™ bikes promote better handling and more efficient power displacement.

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