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Aren't comfortable, compliant bikes usually heavy and slow?

We are accustomed to hearing that stiffer is better. Well, if the ride is only going around a circle for 30 to 40 minutes on smooth pavement, this might be the case. Most of us though are riding in all kinds of road conditions and enjoy being on the bike hours at a time. Volagi™ bikes are plenty stiff, but stiff in the right places. In fact, our STW (stiffness to weight) ratio of 95 kN/deg/kg is up there with the best racing bikes, but that’s not the whole story.

The vertical compliance, or the frames ability to flex and absorb the small vibrations and bumps, is the other story that shouldn't be missed. We are glad to say that our vertical deflection, the measurement of the frame’s ability to move up and down, has been measured at 5.6mm/kN and we might be the best in the business.

More importantly, it’s how you feel that matters. We guarantee that you will feel better on a Volagi™ and in turn, you are going to perform better and be faster. Now when you have to close the gap with the group or push up the last hill on a double century, all you have to provide is the “will to go” and Volagi™ will do the rest.

We purposely designed the Liscio so endurance doesn't mean slow. From the incredible power transfer, to the razor sharp handling, the Liscio is meant to go fast. Comfortably.

You don't have to sacrifice speed to be comfortable on a Volagi.