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Test Ride a Volagi Bike!

Volagi Cycles are coming to a dealer near you! Volagi provides a test ride program to selected dealers during the year. Give us a half hour and this bike will transform your riding experience for a lifetime!


If you would like to test ride a Volagi bike at your preferred bike dealer, give us a call 408.612.8363 or e-mail us at . According to availability and location we will arrange a visit and publish the dates as soon as they become available.

If you want to test ride a Volagi sooner than our expected arrival, please contact your local bike shop.


Register online to let us know to expect you at the event. Please bring a valid ID and credit card which are required to test ride a bike.


You will be able to test ride according to the dealer’s rules. Before test riding we will ask you to sign the Volagi Cycles waiver form. Don’t forget to bring your helmet, shoes, pedals and cycling clothes to get the best trial test.


Volagi’s demo ride is free. However, we request a credit card as our insurance you will return the bike. All riders must sign a waiver granting Volagi the right to charge their credit card for any damage incurred during participation of the test ride.