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Speed Theory in Vancouver Canada

In 2006 SPEEDTHEORY Vancouver opened its doors for business as a premier Triathlon/Cycling specialty shop in the heart of Kitsilano. This is the second shop in the SPEEDTHEORY family with the first being our sister store in Calgary, Alberta. Our mandate is to help support triathletes and cyclists increase their enjoyment and passion for their respective sports. Our staff is heavily involved in, and passionate about, Triathlon, Cycling, Running, and Swimming (except Mike, he's not so passionate about swimming these days). Visitors to the shop immediately feel at home in the store, be it in front of our TV watching cycling races, sitting in a comfortable chair with a reference book, browsing, or simply asking questions about product or training.

Speed Theory
2616 West 4th Avenue
Vancouver V6K 1P7
Phone: (604) 714-0171
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