DCIM100GOPRO   Living in the moment with energy, passion and focus. If I’m not in my studio, designing future products, you can find me seeking a new adventures beyond the horizon. A constant nomad and ambitious soul I thrive on adventure, experience, outdoor pursuits and passion. In 1986 I entered this world and soon developed a thirst for adventure. With my first steps I began to explore the natural world and my own limits. I found them quickly at age two, receiving my first of 14 injuries requiring stitches. My life soon progressed into a tapestry of outdoor activities from ski racing to rock climbing. Clipping into my first pair of SPD pedals at age 12, I had no idea the importance cycling would play in my life. Fast forward to age 27 and I haven’t stopped, now pursing adventures around the world. Constantly in motion, I’ve lived somewhere new every 7 months for almost a decade. When I’m not traveling I’ve called Minneapolis, Detroit, Los Angeles, Savannah, Barcelona, Torino, and Paris home. A bicycle has been constant, it’s my best friend, always there from Minneapolis to Torino. It keeps me sane, it keeps me fit, it helps me explore the world around me, my physical limits and my metal capacity. It is a vehicle of pain and suffering, joy and accomplishment. Cycling is mediation for me, more spiritual than any preacher on the pulpit. Around the same time I was clipping into my first SPD pedals I also picked up a camera. My father had been trained as a photographer and I was lucky enough to inherit one of his old SLR cameras. I vividly remember waking with him at 4 A.M. to go for a hike above Lake Louise to photograph the sunrise. He instilled not only a love for travel and adventure but gave me a way to share it with others. I’ve owned my Volagi Viaje less than a year, but it seems a lifetime already. A quintessential adventure bike that has proven more than capable from the streets of Paris to the trails of the San Gabriel mountains. Always eager for another mile or a new route. Touring? Yep. Commutes? oh yea! Group rides? why not! Off road adventures? the longer the better! I’ve enjoyed documenting my adventures and I encourage you to get out there and find the will to go.   Video http://vimeo.com/64321676 Photos

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