Liscio Custom Bike

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There is an appreciable amount of give at the rear end of the Liscio, which absorbs a large amount of road buzz, although perhaps not quite as much as I had anticipated, especially when factoring the gangly seatpost into the equation. However, it was still a lot more comfortable than many other endurance bikes. This is certainly one for the long miles.

Full Article: Cyclist Magazine 2014 Liscio Review

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  1. Mike HareReply

    Loved this article and really love the bike. Almost the first words out of my mouth when I saw it were, “Did Trek copy this for the Domane. Mine had the Red Hydraulic Discs and now has Red mechanicals with BB7 calipers. I cannot wait for SRAM v. 2.0 RHDs to be released. Nothing really wrong with the mechanicals but the hydraulic were just better.

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