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Customer Reviews

Volagi bicycles have been proven to be the most comfortable performance bikes on the market. Featured in lab tests and compared to competitors’ products, Volagi bicycles continually score highest where it counts. What cannot be tested in the lab, is how our bikes perform over long stretches of time in the saddle. That’s where our loyal Volagi customers offer better results than any lab test. Here are real testimonials from real riders who love their Volagi bicycles:

I took delivery of my liscio a month ago equipped with sram red. I've already ridden 1100 miles, 600 over 5 days between San Jose and San Diego. The ride was fantastic the brakes amazing. I felt better on day 5 than day 1. I also have a steel and a titanium bike neither is near as smooth over rough roads. I road my steel bike today and thought what a tank. I'm very happy with my bike, maybe the best riding bike made.
-Randy Long, San Jose CA

The Volagi was amazing! I am completely convinced that this is the best possible bike ever made for endurance or more specifically ultra endurance racing. During the entire 3,000 mile and 10 day journey I don't think I ever complained about the road surface or the bike being uncomfortable. Sure I had my issues but they were all related to heat or my joints. I really was able to focus on just the task of riding and let the bike disappear beneath me. That is incredible for a race of any length. –Chris Ragsdale, Seattle WA

I love being able to push farther into a corner and have such a response coming out. This bike is amazing, it was so smooth... It is absolutely the best ride of any bike I've owned which includes my S-Works. Pictures don't even give it justice as the craftsmanship of the frame is second to none. -Bruce Abbott, Orange CA

This bike has been a revelation. It smoothes out the heavily chip sealed Montana roads. The disc brakes were so consistent-they made feel much safer going fast downhill. I'm looking forward to riding my 400K brevet in 2 weeks-which also uses the Beartooth Highway. Thank you Volagi for building such a wonderful bicycle.
–Jason Karp, Belgrade MT

I can not believe how smooth the Viaje ride is and how well it handles on rough roads and trails.
- Eric Kopczynski, Bozeman ID

I got my Viaje two weeks ago and took it on its first Century this weekend. It was raining at the start and every part of everything was wet. I was in a 20 man pace line at mile 8 when #3 yells "stopping" - chaos - Disc brakes work great even wet. 10 guys on the ground behind me wishing they had disc brakes. I'm sold.
-Bill Cunningham, CO

"The bike is everything I hoped it would be and I cant wait until my morning ride each day."
-Jonathan Russell, Chandler AZ

I just finished Ride the Rockies on my Volagi Liscio2. 590 miles, over 25000 ft vertical in 6 days and in blistering heat and forest fires. The single biggest challenge I had was breaking away from people wanting to know about the unique Volagi design and disc brakes so that I could fill up my water bottles and get back on the road. Cornering was exquisite at speed, brakes were reassuring, and I'll never go back to analog shifters, especially following the Di2 Firmware upgrade that now allows for rapid fire multi-gear shifting...thanks to the factory Shimano guys supporting RTR. While my friends were nursing their sore behinds, I was ready to get on to the next leg because of the ease of riding this bicycle. It is truly a unique design for the long distance endurance rider. Thank you, Volagi for making the future, Now and for giving us the "Will to Go" and the "Power to Stop!"
-Curt Lyman, Palm Beach Gardens

"The longer the ride the more you appreciate Volagi Liscio. I can ride it all day long without feeling tired or stiff in the upper body." -Wojtek Wysocki, Lawrenceville GA