Congrats to Robert Choi on his 27th Everest Summit!


We wanted to give our co-founder Robert Choi a shout out and share this image with all of you of him atop Everest with our lightest bike model, the Liscio II (which is definitely and clearly NOT photoshopped in any way). Robert climbed over 800,000 vertical feet last year, which is the same as hiking from sea-level to the top of Everest TWENTY-SEVEN times! Not to mention he logged this in just under 11,000 miles on his Liscio II and Viaje Ti (original prototype frame). When asked about his mileage, Robert remarks “If life hadn’t got in the way I would have probably got 1,000,000 vertical feet…”

How much did you ride in 2015? More importantly, were the miles memorable?

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