Staff Tested and Approved: Mavic Ksyrium All Road Pro

Today we are highlighting the Mavic Ksyrium All Road Pro Disc wheelset. This new offering from Mavic had us really excited, as the traditional Ksyrium road wheelset set a benchmark in weight, technology, and aerodynamics. The All Road holds true to that tradition of excellent out of the box performance and reliability, with the added benefit of a wider rim profile, centerlock disc mounts, and are easily adjustable for different axle options.

After the first ride on the new wheels, Cody immediately remarked at the wheels stiffness, noticeably stiffer than the carbon Reynolds wheels he had previously. This translates to quicker acceleration and better handling, although he did adjust air pressure down slightly due to the slightly harsher ride.
The new freehub is also a noticeable improvement from past models, with a 360 degree engagement system with 60 points of engagement. This results in a much faster engagement from the freehub after coasting vs the previous models with four or even two pauls.

Wheel Specs:

Weight: 1620gm set

    ISM 4D-


TRP HYRD caliper close up

Volagi and the TRP Hy RD Disc Brake

TRP Hy RD Disc Brake


The TRP HyRd is a cable actuated, hydraulic powered disc brake. The use of cables allows for cross compatibility with any shifter that uses a cable brake, allowing us to keep the price down with little sacrifice in braking power compared to a full hydro set up. TRPs HyRd brake uses a cable pull system to activate a lever on the caliper that in turn pushes a piston into the hydraulic reservoir and activates the brake. Don’t be fooled – this approach has plenty of power despite its diminutive size. That, coupled with compressionless brake housing gives you a rock solid, nearly full hydraulic feel as the pads lock onto the rotor.

You might also notice the unique appearance of the T25 Center-Lock rotor. This steel rotor with aluminum carrier and center lock only option sheds weight and heat over its predecessor. The grooves you see along the rotor help pump in cool air to prevent heat build up, as well as help remove contaminates from the rotor and pad surface. The channels are treated with an ED (Electro-deposition) coating, much like anodizing, which bonds the coating to the surface of the rotor on a molecular level so that the coating will never wear off.

A staff favorite for its predictability, low noise, and larger pad-to-rotor contact area, the HyRd wont leave you wishing for anything more than longer rides and steeper descents.

Dylan N.

I wanted to tell you how much I love my liscio. I’ve had it since this
spring and it’s the best bike I’ve ever owned. I live in Oakland and my
average ride is 20-30 mi with 2500-3000 feet of climbing. This bike is so
comfortable I could ride all day. The thing which surprised me about the
Liscio is how great it is on descents. I’m going faster downhill and
pushing harder into the corners then I ever have before.

Besides the performance this bike is just stunning to look at. I store it
in my bedroom and never tire of staring at its graceful lines and matte
black finish. I also get many comments on the road, and it’s exciting
when I see another Liscio.

I also love the value of this bike I have the 105 version which is very
affordable and the build quality is exactly the same as the Dura-ace

Thanks for building such a fantastic bike.

Marianne Wyllie

I took delivery of my brand-new red Viaje today at the Bicycle Trip in Santa Cruz. It was love at first sight. No wonder. All the employees in the shop had been lusting over this bike since it had shown up. But NO, it’s mine all mine!

So my husband and I took off for a ride along West Cliff Drive, then the bike path north to Wilder State Park, where we ventured onto some dirt on the bluff trails. My Viaje handled both paved and dirt surfaces with ease. Then onto paved again, to reach a very steep uphill that heads up from Hiway 1. I am not a very strong climber, but I really noticed how effortless it seemed (I have been a mt bike rider for eons). Oh, what a delight.

I have to commend you for creating such a beautifully stylish frame, the outstanding workmanship on it, all put together for a wonderful experience for the rider.

You shipped my husband’s blue Viaje today. Thank you for doing that. Now he won’t be so jealous.

Douglas Goodell

Just want to say that I love my Volagi Liscio! It is hands down the most comfortable bike I have ever ridden. And as a long time vet of the tech industry I like the Volagi story almost as much as I like riding the bike. I have yet to take it on a group ride without getting compliments from other riders.

Jim Riemenschneider, Portland OR

Thanks for getting the bike right out to me (or rather,  my local bike store).  They jumped right on it and as of November 22nd, I’ve been riding into work most every day.

I love it!

I put fenders on and have been dealing with the 20 degree weather we’re having (sunny and dry though) and will be ready for the normal 40s and rain soon.

I got a few short joy rides in and probably have about 150 miles on it already.

Looks great and rides better!


I got my Viaje two weeks ago and took it on its first Century this weekend. It was raining at the start and every part of everything was wet. I was in a 20 man pace line at mile 8 when #3 yells “stopping” – chaos – Disc brakes work great even wet. 10 guys on the ground behind me wishing they had disc brakes. I’m sold.