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Liscio II XTR/Ultegra Di2 Flatbar

Shimano has done it again. By allowing the crossover of XTR or XT Di2 trigger shifters with Ultegra or Dura Ace drivetrains, we can now create the ultimate flat bar build.
Combining the gearing of a compact road group with the upright position and familiarity of trigger shifters – this component group is the ultimate endurance bike for riders who wish to be in the most upright position, or the fitness rider who demands the highest performance. Tried and true Di2 reliability, with over 5,000 shifts per charge, means you’ll probably never get stuck with a dead battery. If you do, Di2 intuitively shifts the front derailleur into the easiest gear, and saves any remaining juice for shifting in the rear until you make it home. Riders can also trust the XTR Race hydraulic disc brakes for consistent stopping power and are the lightest disc brake option available from Shimano. Ergon GP3 grips are already ergonomic to begin with, now with the added benefit of integrated bar ends for more hand positions on long rides. The upgraded carbon bar also adds compliance, easing the hand fatigue common on longer rides.

Volagi Viaje ti Ryser-10

Custom Paint, Enve Components Shine On Viaje Ti


Our Viaje Ti, beautiful on it’s own, truly shines with this build for our customer S. Ryser. Custom paint touches by Time Warp Paint in Ogden. Full Ultegra Di2 Hydraulic, with Enve Cross Disc Fork, Stem, Handlebar, and seatpost, Brooks C17 Carved Saddle with matching Brooks Cotton Canvas bar tape. Reynolds ATR wheels with Clemente Gravel Grinder tires round out this package for a bike that is both as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional for miles in the saddle. Call or email us today and start your custom journey at [email protected] or 801-690-7008.


From the Shop: Now Offering Custom Paint

Over time we have fielded several requests for custom paint, and now we are happy to offer this service through a local painter. We don’t even mark up the paint, you just pay what our painter charges us. Check out our first paint job, a simple pink clear coat over the top of an existing black/white frame.

Liscio XT Flat bar front

Liscio XT Flat Bar – Our most versatile build?

When we built the Liscio, our intentions were to make the ultimate bike for endurance racing and riding athletes. We built it lighter and snappier than the Viajes for quick accelerations and great power transfer. We made the tubing more aerodynamically shaped to slice through the wind on long open roads. We succeeded in our goal, the bicycle industry has claimed the Liscio as the best endurance race bike, and we agree.

What we never expected was the demand for the XT Flat bar build on the Liscio. Why so much demand? We believe its the incredible versatility of the bike. Busy lifestyle? The Liscio XT is the perfect fitness bike. Light, snappy, clean, and unique. Take it out for some quick after work sprints, and then unleash it on the weekends to really take down some mileage. The upright position is extremely comfortable for long rides, with little aerodynamic sacrifice over the drop bar set up. Trying to live green? Add some fenders and panniers and have an upright and quick ride that’s light enough to take up the stairs instead of the elevator, and has the looks to impress anyone in the office or at the grocery store.

The XT kit from Shimano is their bench-mark mountain bike group- so you know it’s built tough, and with the available 40 tooth cog option from Wolf Tooth Components, you’ll have plenty of gearing to get up any mountain.  We also supply Ergon ergonomic grips so your hands stay comfortable on the long rides, with available integrated bar ends for multiple hand positions. The Xt shifters are adjustable for almost any hand size and shape, with precise indexing so every shift is perfect. The XT disc brakes are also incredibly adjustable, and set the benchmark for power, lever feel, and modulation. You can descend any road in any weather with the confidence that your brakes will perform flawlessly.

The XT Flat Bar – The ultimate get to work, fitness missle, grocery grabber, bike path crusher, and weekend warrior chariot. Coming in at about 18 lbs stock, with lighter options available for ultimate customization.

reynolds glow

Staff Tested and Approved: Reynolds Wheels




You may have noticed recently that we have been offering many more wheel options on our bikes than we have in the past. This is all part of our new vision for Volagi – instead of simply offering complete bikes with set specs, we will be rolling out a new bike builder where you can customize your whole build online, compare it to other build kits, and even request custom options if we don’t list something you’d really like. But we didn’t want to stop there. We aren’t just putting up untested products in the hopes they will work in the real world, we are testing them all right here in Ogden, Utah. Today we are going to talk about the wheels we have been riding from Reynolds: the Stratus Pro Aluminum wheelset, the ATR (All-Terrain Road) Carbon wheelset, and the lightweight Attack Carbon wheelset.


The Stratus Pro, Reynolds budget minded aluminum wheelset was the first to be tested, and currently has the most miles logged on it. What we really wanted to find in testing this wheel was whether or not this entry priced wheel would hold up to continued abuse, and also if it was pleasurable to ride in the first place. We knew that the more expensive and swanky Carbon offerings would perform, but would the Stratus Pro? The answer is yes. This stout and aero wheel accelerates with ease, blasts through uneven terrain and destroyed pavement, and comes out the other side ready to snap up the climbs unscathed. The 28mm rim depth helps slice through the air, but it’s not so deep that it deflects in light to medium cross winds. The 17mm bead width also compliments wider tires nicely, allowing a slightly larger contact patch for more stability and a more supple ride. It is slightly heavier than its carbon counterparts, but still fairly light – especially for the price.
Pick this wheel if you are looking for an ultra-reliable wheel at an average weight and are on a budget – or if you are looking for a wheelset for training so that you aren’t putting tons of miles on your ultra-light carbon race wheels.

The Stats:
Weight- 1630 gr/pair
Rim Depth – 28mm
Outer Rim Width – 21mm
Inner Rim Width – 17mm
Tubeless Compatible

The ATR is Reynolds new flagship wheelset for pushing the envelope of where you can take your road bike. The carbon rim shares the 28mm rim depth of the Stratus Pro, but is considerably wider at 29mm for the outer rim width and 21mm at the bead hooks. This really shines when you are running wider tires, increasing the effective volume of the tire and really smoothing out the ride. As with most carbon rims the ATR is stiff, so a supple tires helps balance the potentially harsher ride. The benefit you get out of this stiffness is a wheel that accelerates with incredible ease and tracks precisely no matter how quickly you are trying to flick the bike around. Reynolds also took a unique approach to the construction of this rim, utilizing their MR5 mountain bike rim technology. This process uses five different carbon layups and epoxy resins in strategic locations along the rim for optimal tensile strength, stiffness, and weight reduction.
Pick the ATR if you are looking for a light, tough wheelset that can handle any adventure you are brave enough to embark on.

The Stats:
Weight – 1535 gr/pair
Rim Depth – 28mm
Outer Rim Width – 29mm
Inner Rim Width – 21mm
Tubeless Compatible

The Attack wheelset is the lightest disc offering from Reynolds, and we picked it to pair best with our Liscio endurance racing machine. While all of our bikes handle off-road riding well, our Liscio was built to cater more to the ultra-endurance rider who would be running a narrower tire and generally staying on pavement. This wheelset obviously climbs great, coming in at only a hair over 1400 grams for the pair. It also has a shallower rim profile, preventing the wheel from getting pushed around on open roads with cross-breezes.  The carbon PR3 process uses three different carbon layups and resins in the rim at key areas to reduce weight, add stiffness, and increase strength. This wheel always leaves us smiling after a long ride, a perfect wheel for all day epic rides.
Pick the Attack if you spend most of your time logging miles on the road, love to climb, or are in need of an ultra-light wheelset for your next endurance race.

The Stats:
Weight – 1454 gr/pair
Rim Depth – 29mm
Outer Rim Width – 25mm
Inner Rim Width – 21mm
Tubeless Compatible



Viaje XL, New Stealth Black Paint



Check out this new Viaje XL built up with SRAM Force CX-1 in the Black paint we just got in. Stealthy, cool, low key, with a splash of contrast so when people ask “Who makes that sweet bike?” all you will have to do is point at the down-tube and cruise on past. Built with CX-1, this bike is perfect for long tours on less than ideal terrain. The 1×11 gives you similar gearing to a conventional double with fewer parts to fail when you are far away from civilization. Also, the narrow-wide chain and rings help prevent dropped chains over ultra-rough terrain.

Available in all sizes and builds, reserve your Black Viaje XL today.

TRP HYRD caliper close up

Volagi and the TRP Hy RD Disc Brake

TRP Hy RD Disc Brake


The TRP HyRd is a cable actuated, hydraulic powered disc brake. The use of cables allows for cross compatibility with any shifter that uses a cable brake, allowing us to keep the price down with little sacrifice in braking power compared to a full hydro set up. TRPs HyRd brake uses a cable pull system to activate a lever on the caliper that in turn pushes a piston into the hydraulic reservoir and activates the brake. Don’t be fooled – this approach has plenty of power despite its diminutive size. That, coupled with compressionless brake housing gives you a rock solid, nearly full hydraulic feel as the pads lock onto the rotor.

You might also notice the unique appearance of the T25 Center-Lock rotor. This steel rotor with aluminum carrier and center lock only option sheds weight and heat over its predecessor. The grooves you see along the rotor help pump in cool air to prevent heat build up, as well as help remove contaminates from the rotor and pad surface. The channels are treated with an ED (Electro-deposition) coating, much like anodizing, which bonds the coating to the surface of the rotor on a molecular level so that the coating will never wear off.

A staff favorite for its predictability, low noise, and larger pad-to-rotor contact area, the HyRd wont leave you wishing for anything more than longer rides and steeper descents.

Robert’s Double Century Liscio

Robert Choi – Co-Founder

Most bikes you see in magazines or on the web have been meticulously washed, dusted, and cleaned, leaving what blemishes may remain to be tidied up with Photoshop’s magic touch.

But what about the bike in your garage? I’d venture to guess it’s not kept up to photography standards on a daily basis. No, I’d wager it proudly wears a coat of mud from your recent adventure off trail, or possibly boasts a few dings and dents like badges of honor giving your bike its own personality and panache. Covered in dirt, road grime, and grease.  Mismatched wheels, skewers, and component groups. You wouldn’t be able to tell at first glance but this is the bike that won the 2013 Mulholland Double Century, brought home first place at the 2013 Alta Alpina Double Century, and the overall victory at the 2013 California Triple Crown Stage Race.

Here is a look at what makes Robert’s bike uniquely his own:

  • E7 Ignite SL front wheel, E7 Ignite EL rear wheel
  • Sram Red hydraulic (recalled) brakes and shifters
  • Sram Rival rear derailleur paired with a Shimano Ultegra front derailleur and a K-edge chain spotter
  • SL-k carbon compact crank
  • Garmin edge 800
  • Volagi aero seat post in prototype white color scheme
  • Red Velo gel bartape



Susan’s Winter Commuter

Susan Scarlet MacawSales and Operations

Susan Scarlet Macaw holds the record for fastest time on a single speed bicycle in the Furnace Creek 508 race. She’s raced in the prestigious Paris-Brest-Paris which might as well be the Super Bowl of Randoneuring. It’s safe to say that Susan knows a thing or two about bicycles, so when she finds one she likes, you can bet on it being the best tool for the job.

It only takes one ride on Utah roads during the winter to arrange a meeting with black ice, and hitting the deck in subzero temps is enough to discourage even the heartiest of winter commuters. Susan’s role as  Sales and Operations Manager is integral to Volagi’s continued success and she takes no chances with her cold weather transportation. She has opted for studded tires over slicks, an 11-32T cassette for climbing up slippery slopes, full fenders, and a flat bar for stability in the roughest of conditions.

Rugged functionality? No doubt. Beautifully designed bike? We think so. Take a look at the bike that gets Susan from point A to point B:

  • Planet Bike full coverage fenders with mud gaurds and Viaje-specific fork struts
  • Salsa flat handlebar with Ergon Evo grips
  • Shimano XT hydraulic brake/shifter levers, Sram Red front derailleur and chain spotter, FSA carbon compact crankset, 11-32T cassette, with a Shimano Shadow Plus XT derailleur
  • Suomi studded tires for extra traction on icy roads
  • Cygolite Expilion 800 headlight









New E7 Ignite VL Wheelset – Ride Review

By: Omar Sison

A first look at the new E7 Ignite VL Wheelset from Volagi:

1. I like they way they look.  Barley changed the graphics up a little bit so it looks real classy, simple, but tidy.  The word “Ignite” in metallic looks good next to the “VL” in red.  There’s no italics so sometimes different is just better.

2. At first glance it looks a lot like our XL wheels but when you take a caliper to it and measure it up, it’s about 1.5mm wider.  Wiiiider!  That’s a good thing.  Theoretically this allow you to run slightly lower pressure and get better traction.  I like both.  Also by today’s standards, the VL boasts one of the shallowest rim depths I’ve measured at about 17.8mm.  If you’re an Ambrosio fan or nostalgic about Paris-Roubaix pre-carbon-wheels, you might dig that.

3. I’m a really big fan of running 700×28 tires or more recently 700×30.  At 150lbs, that just seems to be the sweet-spot for me.  I don’t ride with a heart rate monitor or a power meter, I don’t time myself up hills anymore.  I pulled a pretty long wheelie the other day, and I guess it was bout 8 seconds.  While I don’t know how much time I’m losing or gaining by riding this tire size,  I do know that I enjoy the experience more than anything, and it keeps me wanting to come back for more riding.  Every time I jump on my Viaje, I just plain dig it.  700×25-30 tires and the VL wheels are a heavenly match, both being just a little bit wider than normal.

5. Ok, of course, a word on weight.  The VL’s are extremely light.  I weighed some of these rims on the gram scale.  One rim was 404 grams the heaviest I weighed was a 412g.  The variance in weight can be partially attributed to the fact that rear wheel has 32 holes, while the front has 28.  I’m a product of the 90s, I like grunge bands, Miguel Indurain, and Onza bar-ends.  I’m also a fan of Mavic Open Pro rims.  It’s makes me feel pretty good to know that this VL we’re making is close to 30 grams lighter than those almighty hoops.  In the end, the total weight of the wheelset is 1660g.

6. I suppose you could build this up suuuuper light, alloy nipples, DT Revolution spokes, and air up the tubes with helium and try to beat the 1500g sound barrier.  But I…WE don’t want you to have to true the wheel up all the time, and WE know you’re going to be training for double centuries, and there’s not a whole lot of spare time for playing bike mechanic, so we opted to spec it with DT double-butted Competion spokes with smoky-black BRASS nipples (double butted spokes + brass nipples = strong).  Besides, it’s the rotational weight of your rim that you’ll be whippin’ around, and that’s the light part.

7. This wheel is an excellent lightweight option for the road.  For those of you who plan to hit up the gravel race circuit, you’ll be pleased with the low profile, wide rim design. If you are a larger rider who tends to dish out punishment on your wheels, it may be best to consider our Ignite XL wheelset as a more stout clydesdale option. You can purchase the new E7 Ignite VL wheels in our shop: http://www.volagi.com/shop/ignite-vl-wheelset-new/ or configure them on your next complete bike in our bike builder: http://www.volagi.com/product-category/bikes/

*Omar is the world’s leading authority in tinkering around with random bicycle related parts after hours. He knows nothing about beer. Cameo appearances made by Abigail, the shop dog.