Win A Dream Volagi

We’re excited to offer you a chance to win a dream Liscio complete with the brand new SRAM Red 22 Hydro group and carbon Ignite SL wheels! To win, visit your local Volagi dealer and test ride one of our bikes (must have been ridden after September 1, 2014). If a dealer isn’t nearby, every bike that is rented through our “Try It Before You Buy It” program will automatically be entered. Take advantage of this promotion, experience the best ride ever, and let your dream become a reality. Go to for details and registration.

New Shimano 105 5800 11 Speed

We’ve put together a Viaje with the new Shimano 105 11 speed group and new SRAM Centerline rotors! Our initial impressions are that the shifting is slightly more crisp compared to it’s bigger brothers and is as easy to maintain as previous generations. The new 105 also comes in the GS rear derailleur which allows us to include an 11-32 long range cassette, so basically any large hill or even mountain can be tackled.

A really neat addition to the bikes are the SRAM Centerline rotors. In our testing of the rotors down a very wet North Ogden Divide (~10% grade) they were extremely quiet and gave consistent braking power. All of our models can now come spec’d with the impressive Centerline rotors.

We plan to test the group further with the R685 mechanical hydraulic shifting when it becomes available at the beginning of October.

The base 105 11 speed group on our steel Viaje starts at $2,545, while the 105 11 speed full carbon Liscio starts at $3,116.

Volagi Supports Planet Ultra

We’re excited to be supporting Planet Ultra‘s long-distance cycling events for the remainder of 2014. Most notably the HOODOO 500 in Southern Utah.

“The most epic and challenging ultracycling race, the Hoodoo 500 route passes through or around three National Parks, three National Monuments and several Utah State Parks. The scenery varies from majestic cliffs and striking red rock hoodoos to aspen and pine forests and high mountain meadows. All the best of Utah’s Color Country!

Geologically speaking, hoodoos are tall, skinny spires of rock that protrude from the bottom of arid basins and sedimentary rock. Mystically speaking, hoodoo means a magical spell; which is what the Hoodoo 500 experience will cast upon you. Come test yourself, and bring your lucky mojo…”

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Triple Bypass – Colorado

We’re excited to be a part of this years Triple Bypass organized by Team Evergreen Cycling in Colorado. With over 10,000 ft. of climbing and a “Double Triple Bypass” option, this is not only one of Colorado’s largest cycling events, but one of the more challenging. Look for us both days in the booth area, and if you’re in Colorado, be sure to participate in the event.

“The Triple Bypass Bicycle Ride is recognized as one of the premier cycling events for those who DARE! Celebrating the 26th Anniversary of the Triple Bypass Bicycle Ride, the Triple offers two days of enjoying the beautiful scenery Rocky Mountains on your bike. On Saturday July 12th, 2014, the Triple Bypass ride heads WEST from Evergreen and concludes in Avon over three mountain passes. The ride is 120 miles from Evergreen (Bergen Park) over Juniper Pass (11,140 ft.), Loveland Pass (11,990 ft.), Swan Mountain and Vail Pass (10,560 ft.), concluding in Avon. The ride has over 10,000 ft. of challenging elevation gain! On Sunday July 13th, the Triple Bypass heads EAST, starting in Avon, over 3 mountain passes, ending in Evergreen. For those truly interested in a heart-pounding experience, riders are able to complete both ride days in the “Double Triple Bypass.” With two ride days the total number of available entries is 5,000. 3,500 riders will be on the road Saturday, and up to 2,500 riders on Sunday. 1,000 riders will be riding both days as Double Triple Bypass riders.”

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SRAM Red 22 Hydro

SRAM Red 22 Hydro has gone through some major changes for the 2015 model year. Addressing extreme weather issues was at the forefront of redesigning the group. Here’s some highlights of the change:

“New Lever Body Design
SRAM’s all new lever body design refines the ergonomic shape of our HydroR shifter body, allowing for improved hand wrap, more comfort, and ultimately better control. The new shape also improves the material placement around the internal bore, which is all about improving consistency and performance. All of those changes add up to a lighter lever, improved shifter alignment, cleaner cable routing, and lighter shifting action.

New Bleed Port Design
SRAM’s new bleed port design is all about a simpler interface for setting up and bleeding the brakes. Cleaner, simpler, easier, better.

Master Cylinder Piston
At the core of the new MY15 hydraulic road brakes is the new master cylinder piston, with incredible amounts of testing behind it, improves performance and consistency, especially in extreme temperatures.

The new high capacity bladder is the primary fluid compensating device for pad wear, and we have improved its ability to do its job through its improved compliance and ability to evacuate the reservoir. The new system design improves the reservoir cover, bladder sealing, and lever body interface.”

These are welcome changes, and we look forward to building with this new group.

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The patented LongBow Flex™ stay is a radical departure from the norm. We separated the seat stays from the seat tube and lengthened it to maximize the carbon fibers inherent ability to absorb road vibrations. We then optimized the shape and carbon layup of each stay, further enhancing the bike’s ability to flex vertically while remaining stiff horizontally for control and efficient power transfer.

  • Patented flex stay design with maximum vibration absorbing technology
  • Vertical compliance (5.5mm/kN) for smoother ride, reducing rider fatigue
  • Inverted oval stay with extended strut design to increase control and promote efficient power transfer
  • The result is a high performance, comfortable bicycle, smooth over the long haul but quick and nimble up and down the hills.


As the first bicycle manufacturer to equip a high performance carbon road bike with disc brakes, Volagi Cycles has long been on the leading edge of road disc brake technology. Working along side some of the top component manufacturers in the country, Volagi Cycles has tested and perfected the integration of disc brakes on our bicycles. The entire line of Volagi bicycles can be equipped with offerings from a variety of different component manufacturers:

  • TRP Brakes – Spyre Mechanical, HyRd Hydraulic
  • SRAM – 700-S Hydraulic, Red 22 Hydro
  • Shimano – BR-CX75 Road Mechanical
  • Hayes – CX5 Road Mechanical
  • Avid – BB7 mechanical

Imagine a sports car still using rubber pads on the rim for braking. There is a reason why almost every modern vehicle has adapted the use of disc brakes. Disc brakes perform consistently in wet, dry, hot and cold conditions–even with bent rims and broken spokes. Without rim calipers, you have the freedom to run larger tires, and full fenders for adverse road and weather conditions. And we don’t just slap on disc brakes. We carefully engineer our frames, hubs, and rims, and hand pick the rotor/caliper combinations to provide the best braking system without compromising weight or performance. Welcome to the disc brake revolution.


A cyclist riding 20 mph can use more than 80% of their energy just fighting the wind. This means if a cyclist is riding all day on a double century, they are unnecessarily fighting that invisible liquid we call wind. Every segment of the frame from the fork, down tube, seat post and rear stay has been optimized to be as aerodynamic as possible, while retaining the stiffness and strength for handling and efficient power transfer.

  • Aero formed tubing for time trial like bike performance.
  • Engineered to reduce wind drag while maintaining stiffness for power transfer.


Ride quality has as much to do with geometry as frame materials, which is why we have selected the best carbon lay-up to keep you rolling sun up to sun down.

  • Monocoque design for strength and stiffness.
  • Nano carbon particle with Smooth Wall layering construction
  • All Liscio Models built with a blend of 30/24T Carbon


A more balanced position improves performance over distance and over a period of time. We designed a slightly longer head tube to optimize rider position to endure mile after mile.

  • Tapered 1-1/8” to 1-3/8” tube design for stiffness and control
  • Allows better fit and position for comfort and position.


Options are virtually limitless when you can switch from your 23mm wide racing wheels to your 40c knobby 29ers in seconds, all on the same bike. Don’t ever let tire clearance be the limiting factor for where your ride can take you.

The Viaje has wide enough clearance for 40c tires or 32c tires with fenders. Ride from pave, to gravel, to single track in one day and then do it all over again. The Liscio boasts clearance for 28c tires or 25c tires with fenders.

Alta Alpina Challenge

Enjoy the beauty of cycling the Northern Sierra Nevada mountains. Alta Alpina combines the beautiful backdrop of the Wild Sierra and challenges riders to complete a ride of their choosing. The pinnacle of the Alta Alpina Challenge is the “8 Pass Challenge – The World’s Toughest Double Century”, a ride that covers 20,300 feet of climbing and rolls over 8 Sierra Nevada mountain passes. This is one of Robert’s favorite rides, and we look forward to meeting any participants of this event.

“The Alta Alpina Cycling Club, a 501 (c) non-profit corporation, is hosting its’ annual fund raising event, the Alta Alpina Challenge, on Sat., June 28, 2014. This epic event allows cyclists to explore the Eastern Sierras near Lake Tahoe, beneath majestic snow-capped mountains, on smooth scenic roads running along rushing rivers, all while breathing clean crisp air.

Route options exist for cyclists of all abilities. Participants can choose from typical metric and century routes, or opt to build their own ride! Choices range from a rolling foothills ride bordering bucolic Carson Valley to climbs of one or more Sierra mountain passes. OR join elite international cyclists who will be tackling another option: “The World’s Toughest Double Century”, a sanctioned California Triple Crown ride.

This is a small (499 rider limit), safe, sane, but spectacular event with famously strong support. Frequent rest stops with food and refreshments, roving assistance vehicles, a delicious post-ride dinner, and a unique personalized bib suitable for framing are just some of the offerings.

More information and online registration is available on the web at: Or phone AACC at 877-845-BIKE.”

Alpina Alta Challenge - Endurance Road Cycling

Barley’s custom ride

Barley Forsman Co-Founder and Industrial designer extraordinaire for Volagi  has as many miles on a gear bike as he does on his fixed gear bikes. Yes, he has more than one, but his favorite is his own creation. You can call it the “envy” of many fixed gear cyclists. Barley established his place as “bad a**” fixed gear rider when he raced Furnace Creek 508 and set the record for the Fixed gear category. That year, he had done all of his training miles, commute miles, recreation miles, rest miles on a fixed gear bike. Of course, he likes gears, his repertoire of long distance cycling goes years back. Completed Paris-Brest-Paris and over 35 double centuries in California plus the countless Brevet rides. He is an animal on the bike even though you wouldn’t notice from his always friendly enthusiasm when starting a big ride. His commuter of choice: his own creation, Barley Style – a Liscio fixie!

One of a kind!

One of a kind!

In his own words: couple of notes about my bike:

Volagi Liscio custom modified fixed gear.

Beer Components eccentric bottom bracket (fits standard BB30).

Modified 130mm rear track hub – 6-bolt one side threaded on the other (allows me to mount a disc with 5mm spacers on the non-drive side, and a fixed cog on the drive side).

42T ring up front and 16T cog in the back (roughly 72 gear inches – w/28C tires).

BB7s stoppers (front and rear).

E7 Ignite XL wheelset (with a modified rear hub).

WTB Thickslick tires (heavy but bomber – haven’t gotten a flat yet!)

This is my commuter workhorse, but I’ve also done several long rides (including a couple of 200Ks).

To my knowledge, this is the ONLY full carbon, full disc fixed gear on the planet!

LBS technology

LBS technology

Modified 130mm rear track hub

Modified 130mm rear track hub

42T ring up front and 16T cog in the back

42T ring up front and 16T cog in the back

Beer Components - Eccentric bottom bracket

Beer Components – Eccentric bottom bracket

E7 Ignite XL wheelset

E7 Ignite XL wheelset

Volagi carbon top cap

Volagi carbon top cap



Robert’s Double Century Liscio

Robert ChoiCo-Founder

Most bikes you see in magazines or on the web have been meticulously washed, dusted, and cleaned, leaving what blemishes may remain to be tidied up with Photoshop’s magic touch.

But what about the bike in your garage? I’d venture to guess it’s not kept up to photography standards on a daily basis. No, I’d wager it proudly wears a coat of mud from your recent adventure off trail, or possibly boasts a few dings and dents like badges of honor giving your bike its own personality and panache. Covered in dirt, road grime, and grease.  Mismatched wheels, skewers, and component groups. You wouldn’t be able to tell at first glance but this is the bike that won the 2013 Mulholland Double Century, brought home first place at the 2013 Alta Alpina Double Century, and the overall victory at the 2013 California Triple Crown Stage Race.

Here is a look at what makes Robert’s bike uniquely his own:

  • E7 Ignite SL front wheel, E7 Ignite EL rear wheel
  • Sram Red hydraulic (recalled) brakes and shifters
  • Sram Rival rear derailleur paired with a Shimano Ultegra front derailleur and a K-edge chain spotter
  • SL-k carbon compact crank
  • Garmin edge 800
  • Volagi aero seat post in prototype white color scheme
  • Red Velo gel bartape




Ride Magazine Press

I imagine that this bike will end up in the
garage of people with a much more genuine grasp
on independence than what I was trying to
achieve with a sound system at age 14. Someone
who is searching for a bike that is an extension of
his or her passion for riding. Like they say at
Volagi: a bike for people “who love riding”. Set
up properly for where and how you like to ride,
you can enjoy beautiful music together.

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