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Viaje Progress



This post is long over due, but the end of the season has been a marathon for us at Volagi, or maybe a century is more apropos. Our successful Kickstarter project took us right into Interbike where we got some face time with some of the best dealers across the nation, and even some world wide. The star of the show was of course the all new Viaje steel adventure road bike. It was amazing to see everyone's reactions to a bike that can be so many things to so many people.

What better way to celebrate the end to a great season than with some beautiful raw frames just waiting for their final colors.

More after the jump.

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Introducing the Viaje KickStarter Project!


All of us at Volagi are extremely excited to announce the Viaje KickStarter Project! (click link to go to Kickstarter) As many of you likely know, introducing a brand new bike from such a small company takes a lot of investment which is why we have employed the use of KickStarter. While the project won't completely fund the production of the new bike, it will greatly help to offset the cost allowing us to produce the best bike possible so that we can get it out to dealers and riders as soon as possible.

Through KickStarter you will have the opportunity to call dibs on one of the very first Viajes for yourself, at a special KickStarter only price. Not only that, but we are running a special deal just for KickStarter where the Viaje XL Frame and complete bike will ship with the full carbon Viaje SL fork.

We know that not everyone is in the market for a new bike, so if you want to help us out there are also some really cool limited edition Viaje T Shirts and a Camelbak Podium Water Bottle as rewards for smaller pledges as well.

The Viaje KickStarter is live now, and can be found here.

It's important to point out that we realize the KickStarter has the potential to take a few sales away from our valued dealers. As much as it pains us to do that, a successful KickStarter will propel the Viaje into production allowing us to be able to get this great new bike onto bike shop sales floors across the nation. Our aim is to provide the best possible product to our dealers and consumers and the KickStarter will help make that happen It has been quite a journey for us up to this point, and we appreciate you taking part of that journey and propelling us into the future!

Thank you.

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Volagi Liscio: The Perfect Biathlon Training Tool?


Christian Bache thinks so. Meet Christian, Volagi's first sponsored rider out of Sweden. Everyone I meet outside the industry are always quick to ask if we have any professional race teams that are riding out bikes, to which I reply that our bikes aren't really designed to be race bikes - but a bike you would want to spend a lot of time on. Which is just perfect if your sport is mostly winter based and you need something to keep you in shape over the summer.

For those not familiar with the biathlon, it features an entertaining mix of cross country skiing and target shooting. With a gun. That you carry on your back while you ski. Sounds fun right?

According to Christian, biathlon is now the 4th most popular spectator sport in Sweden. Originally from Norway, Christian has lived in Sweden for 6 years now and is competing for his new home country, hoping to eventually make the Olympic team. In the mean time, Christian has been instrumental in creating the first professional Swedish biathlon team that includes both members from Norway and Sweden.

Check out Christian on his Liscio after the break!

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Don't forget, the Solidarity Ride is this Saturday!

Hello Friends,
The support so far for the Solidarity ride has been great, and we are so excited to see over 70 people registered to ride with us this Saturday, 6/9! There will be two routes to follow, a 100 mile ride lead by Volagi design guru Barley Forsman and a 61 mile ride lead by Volagi Tech Master Omar Sison. The one and only Robert Choi will be riding throughout the course, most likely looking for hill repeats and never taking the easy route. First thing in the morning have a cup of coffee, specially brewed by our friend Michael  Breden who is the proprietor of Drip Mobile Coffee. He will be ready to help you get your caffeine fix at 7:15am. The 100mile ride starts at 8:10am and the 61 mile ride heads off at 9:10am .
Trek Store of Santa Rosa is providing a SAG vehicle, carrying a few supplies and water should you run into any issues out on the road. You should see their white van around mile 20 near Green Valley Rd. and Harrison Grade Rd. and around Fallon Two Rock Rd. and Carmody Rd. Joe and Arlene Morgan will be providing a rest stop with water, strawberries, Heed, Perpetum, cookies and drinks in Valley Ford so you can fuel up and relax for the second half of the ride.
At the end of the ride, you will find yourself back at Volagi HQ where we will have refreshments and homemade food. We'd love for you to stick around and check out our set up and get to know all of us, but if you can't stay feel free to continue on to your next adventure.
Throughout the ride Michael Sexton will have his video camera a certain points during the ride to commemorate the day. After all, this is to offer you THANKS for all the support we have gotten from people like you.
Even if you haven't registered, feel free to show up and bring a friend, or three! All are welcome, and we can't wait to see all of you for the ride! If you have any questions feel free to email us at [email protected]
Thanks, and see you out on the road!
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We've taken the wraps off of the Viaje!


Ok, you've seen the teaser pic that's been floating around the internet. So, for those who aren't going to be able to see the Viaje in person at Sea Otter, we'd like to give you a taste of what you can expect from the new bike. Robert and Omar spent some time playing, er, testing the new bike outside of Volagi headquarters.

Take a look at a few more pictures after the break and tell us what you think!

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Introducing Volagi's Newest Bike, the Viaje!


When Volagi introduced its first bike in 2010, the Liscio quickly gained widespread attention due to its revolutionary use of disc brakes. However, many thought that Volagi had set out to do the impossible: to start a new bike company that would compete directly with the industry giants.

However, fast forward to the present and Volagi is alive and well. Sure, they've had a few road blocks along the way (lawsuit?), but Volagi's customer base is quickly growing.  There is palpable excitement among many in the industry over the burgeoning trend of road discs, and with Volagi situated squarely at the forefront of that trend, they are excited to be able to offer expanded options to their consumers in the near future...

What is more exciting though, is the opportunity to showcase some of those parts on an all new bike! Volagi is extremely proud and excited to announce the newest member of their bicycle line up, the all-new Viaje!

Get the details on the all new Viaje after the break, or come see it in person at Sea Otter, booth #318!

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Liscio Named One of Outside Magazine's 9 Best Road Bikes of Spring!


The best reviews we ever get are of happy Volagi customers sending us pictures from great rides, as Janet and Daniel illustrate above in Texas. Nothing makes us happier than hearing that our customers love their Liscios.

Second best are great reviews from popular media sources, such as Outside Magazine. We're honored that they chose the Liscio as one of their 9 best road bikes of Spring! They seemed to love the comfort of the Liscio frame and seem to agree with us that the increased modulation of disc brakes will soon cause them to become standard equipment on road bikes. They read our minds.

Check out the full review after the break, or click on the link above to get it right from the source!

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Solidarity Ride 2012: We ride together for the love of the sport


If you haven't heard yet, we've finally hammered down the details for the 2012 Volagi Solidarity Ride! Join us for a ride that simply focuses on why we all ride: for the fun of it!

We want to thank all of our supporters, customers, dealers, friends, and family who have gotten us through everything to this point, and we can think of no better way than to go for a ride.

Check out the full details of the ride after the break, and please join us!

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The Lawsuit...


Drawing from VOLAGI'S patent.


As some of you might have heard, Volagi is currently  being sued by Specialized over claims of intellectual property theft. While we can't go into all of the details of the case, we would like to thank all of our dealers, customers, and fans for the tremendous amount of support we have had since the beginning.

As you can imagine, starting a business from scratch is hard enough, but to have a frivolous lawsuit thrown in on top of things would be enough to push just about anyone to the brink. From day one, we have been using our limited resources to create a unique product that didn't currently exist in the market, and provide top notch customer service. Imagine our surprise, when we were blind-sided by the lawsuit from Specialized, which has become an unsurpassed economical and emotional strain on the company. However, as you might expect, a company founded on endurance isn't going to give up that easily. After all, "by endurance we discover."

While the world of cycling used to be a welcoming place for innovation and new ideas, lately it seems it has become easier to sue the little guys than to "innovate or die." Specialized has developed quite the reputation for sending cease and desist letters or suing a small companies in hopes to inundate them with paperwork and lawyer’s fees to try and effectively eliminate them as competition. It is a shame that Specialized feels it so necessary to attack small businesses such as Volagi, simply because they feel threatened by someone else who happens to "innovate." While Specialized certainly has contributed to the cycling community in many ways, just imagine what could be done if the millions of dollars they have at their disposal were instead used to promoting cycling rather than hinder it?

We have a tremendous amount of respect for what Specialized has been able to accomplish in bringing cycling to the world, as one of the most prolific brands in the industry. However we know for a fact that we have done nothing wrong and are in no way harming or stealing from Specialized, which will be made clear after the trial. The Liscio was not designed on Specialized company time, nor does it violate any of Specialized' patents.  This isn't just a battle for Volagi, this is a fight for free market enterprise. We urge you to support and restore fairness and competition for our nation’s small businesses.

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