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Volagi Bikes

The EL might be the most thoughtful endurance bike ever designed for long distance riding.
This bike does it all. Volagi’s SL is designed for the ultimate experience in long distance riding.

Volagi™ Innovations: Defy Boundaries

LongBow Flex™ Stay Suspension

The patent- pending LongBow Flex™ stay is a radical departure from the norm. We separated the stay from the seat tube and lengthened it to maximize the carbon fibre’s inherent ability to absorb road vibrations.

We then optimized the shape and carbon layup of each stay tube. This further enhances the ability to flex vertically while being stiff horizontally for control and efficient power transfer.

  • Patent pending flex stay design with maximum vibration absorbing technology
  • Vertical compliance (5.5mm/kN) for smoother ride reducing rider fatigue
  • Inverted oval stay with extended strut design to increase control and efficient power transfer

This means Volagi bikes are smooth over the long haul, but quick and nimble up and down the hills.

High Performance Disk Brakes

Volagi is the first cycling company to create a high performance carbon road bike with disk brakes.

High performance bikes capable of descending at 60 mph are currently inept at braking with any control. Imagine a sports car still using rubber pads on the rim for braking. Disk brakes perform consistently in wet, dry, hot and cold conditions; even with bent rims and broken spokes. Without rim calipers, you have the freedom to put on 28C tires and fenders for the rough conditions during those long winter months.

• Fully adjustable Avid BB7 road disk brakes
• Stainless Steel superlight weight AirRotor®, 160mm (f), 140mm (r)

We didn’t just slap on the disk brakes. We carefully engineered the hubs, rims, rotors and calipers to provide the best braking system without compromising weight and performance.

Volagi™ Aero Frame Design

A cyclist riding 20 mph can use more than 80% of his energy just fighting wind. What a drag! This means if he or she is riding all day on a double century, he or she is doing lots of work just fighting that invisible liquid we call wind. Every component of the frame from the fork, down tube, seat post and rear stay has been optimized to be aerodynamic, while retaining the stiffness and strength for handling and efficient power transfer.

• Aero formed tubing for time trial like bike performance.
• Engineered to reduce wind drag while maintaining stiffness for power transfer.

That’s why we designed the frame to minimize wind drag.


A more balanced position improves performance over distance and over a period of time. We designed a slightly longer head tube to optimize rider position to endure mile after mile.

• Taper 1-1/8” to 1-3/8” tube design for stiffness and control
• Allows better fit and position for comfort and position.


Ride quality has as much to do with geometry as frame materials, which is why we have selected the best carbon lay-up to keep you rolling sun up to sun down.

• One piece monocoque design for strength and stiffness.
• Nano carbon particle with Smooth Wall layering construction
• LISCIO Dura-Ace is composed of 24T and some 30T
• LISCIO Ultegra is composed of 24T

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