Bikes Designed for Extraordinary Lives.

With three frame options to choose from, and endless component options, we are confident you'll be able find the perfect two-wheeled companion for your riding adventures. We are here for you every step of the way, either in person at our Ogden hub, over the phone or through email, or through our trusted dealer network. We want to exceed your expectations as a bicycle manufacturer, offering professional assistance sizing, choosing component groups, customizing our parts builds down to the tiniest details, and post purchase support! Let us change your perception of what a bike company can do for you! We have many build options available, so if you don't see a stock build that suits your needs don't hesitate to call or email!

1. Endurance Road

3. To the Ends of the Earth

2. Roads, Trails, and Light Portage

LISCIO 2 - maximum tire size: 700x30

A bike that rides this smooth and climbs this well should equally compliment and reward your descending skills! Stout chainstays and a tapered head tube provide precise tracking and responsiveness, while our Longbow FlexStays minimize fatigue caused by road vibration...and look awesome to be perfectly honest! We engineered huge smiles directly into the geometry and hope you find the same love for diving through turns that we do!

Click on image above for sample builds and pricing! Complete bikes starting at $3130

VIAJE TI - maximum tire size 700x40

Titanium has got all the right properties for our signature feature, the LongBow FlexStay. It is this piece of engineering that puts our Ti bikes in their own category. Many muse about the magical and enchanting ride of Ti. We would have to agree. In practice, we find that while Ti is just as comfortable as steel, it just seems to lunge with a bit more gusto than its sibling, the Viaje XL. Otherwise, it boasts most of the same feature as the Viaje XL with some key improvements.

Click on image above for sample builds and pricing! Complete bikes at $5370

VIAJE XL - maximum tire size 700x42

The Viaje leads a double life.It is such a well-mannered gentleman on the road: smooth, predictable, and always sleek and handsome. But, as soon as it sees the pavement end, the Viaje turns into an eager puppy that just wants to run and play. With the ability to accommodate larger trail tires (up to 42c) it's the kind of bike that nudges you down the forbidden path, whispering, "Just go, and go confidently!"

Click on the image above for sample builds and pricing! Complete bikes at $1600