A Short Trip

A Short Trip – Bellevue, WA

“My Viaje is my daily commuter so I don’t generally have any tremendous news to report apart from lighter or heavier than normal traffic. A generous driver here, a discourteous one there, etc. But up in the Seattle area the weather has been amazing for the last week and I finally got out for a midweek camping trip along the Green River.

I loaded the VV (Volagi Viaje) up with gear and after work on Wed night rode about 30mi from the office out to the campsite, it’s a beautiful ride along a couple rivers and much of on paved and unpaved MUPs. Arrived, ate a couple sammies, drank a couple beers, dipped my toes in the river (brr) and got some reading done. Thursday morn I reversed the route and was back in my cubicle by 7:30am. A great little adventure to mix up the work week – there will be more in the future!”

Words & Pictures – Michael in WA

See his route here -> https://goo.gl/maps/b4ET5

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