hoodoo award

HooDoo 500 Victory for Volagi

We would like to congratulate our Co-Founder Robert Choi for his excellent performance at the HooDoo 500, for taking the Mens over 50 field win, setting a new course record, and surviving 500 miles on a bicycle in the desert! When asked for once piece of advice to surviving such a feat, Robert says “Pain last only a short time, but Glory lasts forever!” (and also “Be sure to test new shorts out on a nice long ride before trying a new pair during an ultra-endurance event”). Always a smile on his face, no matter how exhausted he may be.

hoodoo award

robert hoodoo finish

TRP HYRD caliper close up

Volagi and the TRP Hy RD Disc Brake

TRP Hy RD Disc Brake


The TRP HyRd is a cable actuated, hydraulic powered disc brake. The use of cables allows for cross compatibility with any shifter that uses a cable brake, allowing us to keep the price down with little sacrifice in braking power compared to a full hydro set up. TRPs HyRd brake uses a cable pull system to activate a lever on the caliper that in turn pushes a piston into the hydraulic reservoir and activates the brake. Don’t be fooled – this approach has plenty of power despite its diminutive size. That, coupled with compressionless brake housing gives you a rock solid, nearly full hydraulic feel as the pads lock onto the rotor.

You might also notice the unique appearance of the T25 Center-Lock rotor. This steel rotor with aluminum carrier and center lock only option sheds weight and heat over its predecessor. The grooves you see along the rotor help pump in cool air to prevent heat build up, as well as help remove contaminates from the rotor and pad surface. The channels are treated with an ED (Electro-deposition) coating, much like anodizing, which bonds the coating to the surface of the rotor on a molecular level so that the coating will never wear off.

A staff favorite for its predictability, low noise, and larger pad-to-rotor contact area, the HyRd wont leave you wishing for anything more than longer rides and steeper descents.