Riding the American Countryside

Weekend Ride: Countryside U.S.A.Elevation: Varies, Flat Grade

Even though, for many of us, work is located inside city walls, escaping to the rural areas of America can provide the sweetest of treats – open stretches of solitude, growth, and fresher air.

In the Spring and early Summer, alfalfa begins to green and for vast stretches of tarmac, the green steals the show. Another favorite is the incredibly vibrant sunset that follow the end of stronger storms. The pink jersey of the Giro doesn’t quite compare to the hues of salmon that rise before dark.



“We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty.”

– Maya Angelou

Achievement is at the heart of long distance cycling. Volagi riders, in order to achieve their goals will go through many changes and evolutions not only during training, but many times, during that ride.

We create bikes for that rider – the rider that seeks challenges, achievements, and ultimately personal evolution.

Keep finding new achievements, and we’ll engineer bikes that rise to the challenge.



The patented LongBow Flex™ stay is a radical departure from the norm. We separated the seat stays from the seat tube and lengthened it to maximize the carbon fibers inherent ability to absorb road vibrations. We then optimized the shape and carbon layup of each stay, further enhancing the bike’s ability to flex vertically while remaining stiff horizontally for control and efficient power transfer.

  • Patented flex stay design with maximum vibration absorbing technology
  • Vertical compliance (5.5mm/kN) for smoother ride, reducing rider fatigue
  • Inverted oval stay with extended strut design to increase control and promote efficient power transfer
  • The result is a high performance, comfortable bicycle, smooth over the long haul but quick and nimble up and down the hills.


As the first bicycle manufacturer to equip a high performance carbon road bike with disc brakes, Volagi Cycles has long been on the leading edge of road disc brake technology. Working along side some of the top component manufacturers in the country, Volagi Cycles has tested and perfected the integration of disc brakes on our bicycles. The entire line of Volagi bicycles can be equipped with offerings from a variety of different component manufacturers:

  • TRP Brakes – Spyre Mechanical, HyRd Hydraulic
  • SRAM – 700-S Hydraulic, Red 22 Hydro
  • Shimano – BR-CX75 Road Mechanical
  • Hayes – CX5 Road Mechanical
  • Avid – BB7 mechanical

Imagine a sports car still using rubber pads on the rim for braking. There is a reason why almost every modern vehicle has adapted the use of disc brakes. Disc brakes perform consistently in wet, dry, hot and cold conditions–even with bent rims and broken spokes. Without rim calipers, you have the freedom to run larger tires, and full fenders for adverse road and weather conditions. And we don’t just slap on disc brakes. We carefully engineer our frames, hubs, and rims, and hand pick the rotor/caliper combinations to provide the best braking system without compromising weight or performance. Welcome to the disc brake revolution.


A cyclist riding 20 mph can use more than 80% of their energy just fighting the wind. This means if a cyclist is riding all day on a double century, they are unnecessarily fighting that invisible liquid we call wind. Every segment of the frame from the fork, down tube, seat post and rear stay has been optimized to be as aerodynamic as possible, while retaining the stiffness and strength for handling and efficient power transfer.

  • Aero formed tubing for time trial like bike performance.
  • Engineered to reduce wind drag while maintaining stiffness for power transfer.


Ride quality has as much to do with geometry as frame materials, which is why we have selected the best carbon lay-up to keep you rolling sun up to sun down.

  • Monocoque design for strength and stiffness.
  • Nano carbon particle with Smooth Wall layering construction
  • All Liscio Models built with a blend of 30/24T Carbon


A more balanced position improves performance over distance and over a period of time. We designed a slightly longer head tube to optimize rider position to endure mile after mile.

  • Tapered 1-1/8” to 1-3/8” tube design for stiffness and control
  • Allows better fit and position for comfort and position.


Options are virtually limitless when you can switch from your 23mm wide racing wheels to your 40c knobby 29ers in seconds, all on the same bike. Don’t ever let tire clearance be the limiting factor for where your ride can take you.

The Viaje has wide enough clearance for 40c tires or 32c tires with fenders. Ride from pave, to gravel, to single track in one day and then do it all over again. The Liscio boasts clearance for 28c tires or 25c tires with fenders.

Kiki’s Crush

Words & Pictures – Kiki K.

“It’s been 11 years since I bought a road bike and only really in the last 4 years have I gotten “serious.” I rode SF to LA in 2012 and 2013 for AIDS/Lifecycle.  This year to keep up with my training for ALC2014, I took my old bike to Australia’s Gold Coast during a 7 week stay (telecommuting for work).  It became quite clear while cycling with some blokes, I was outperforming my equipment and it was time to buy a new bike.  The blokes helped me get my average speed from 12mph to just under 17 miles/hour over a 40 mile (flat) ride by Week 7.  I was newly addicted to improving my performance and I knew I had to buy a new bike when I got home to Santa Cruz.  Giving up my triple was a little nerve-wracking, less so after someone counted my “23 granny teeth” and I started hearing numbers like 28 and 32 with words like “get 4 more bail-out gears.”  So after months of drooling over the Volagi Liscio at my LBS, Bicycle Trip, I finally pulled the trigger.

I have named her Gigi.  I must admit, I am crushing SO hard on Gigi. In my first month I’ve ridden just under 400 miles and my 3rd ride was in the rain.  It must be noted I purposefully don’t own rain gear. Never a worry about stopping, never a worry about the rain.  I took her to Lake Tahoe to Bike Around the Lake with the South Bay Blaze. It was quite an adventure for me and Gigi.  Fifteen miles from our finish, it started to snow.  It was pretty and fun and never did I worry about my brakes or ability to come to a safe stop.  The bike handled beautifully and at mile 60 of 70 I decided while the bike could carry on, the visibility was too poor for me to continue.  I put Gigi on the bus and got back safely to my hotel.  What a rush!

NEVER in any season have I EVER seen 15.x mph over 70 miles (with 4k+ climbing, even!) but my Garmin and Strava say it’s so!  NEVER did I ever use to finish such a ride and still feel like I had more leg power to carry on another 50 miles.  NEVER before did I really every pass anyone on a hill, never mind with an easy spin or any acceleration.  NO ONE has so much as looked at my bike in 10 years and now people stop, stare, ask questions and pay compliments.  People also ask, do you sleep with her?  I am going to bask in the glory of the “new bike smell” for as long as it lasts.  I’ve applied what my husband has dubbed, “Kiki Math” (take 11 yrs and cost of old bike + next 8-9 years of current bike and its cost = who *wouldn’t* pay around $40/month to ride a bike?) and I plan to amortize the hell out of my cost per mile and learn to live with the wrinkles my sh—eating-grin may be causing because The Will To Go is strong and brings me so much happiness.

Thank you, Volagi Cycles, thank you!”

A Short Trip

A Short Trip – Bellevue, WA

“My Viaje is my daily commuter so I don’t generally have any tremendous news to report apart from lighter or heavier than normal traffic. A generous driver here, a discourteous one there, etc. But up in the Seattle area the weather has been amazing for the last week and I finally got out for a midweek camping trip along the Green River.

I loaded the VV (Volagi Viaje) up with gear and after work on Wed night rode about 30mi from the office out to the campsite, it’s a beautiful ride along a couple rivers and much of on paved and unpaved MUPs. Arrived, ate a couple sammies, drank a couple beers, dipped my toes in the river (brr) and got some reading done. Thursday morn I reversed the route and was back in my cubicle by 7:30am. A great little adventure to mix up the work week – there will be more in the future!”

Words & Pictures – Michael in WA

See his route here -> https://goo.gl/maps/b4ET5

Omar’s Mixed Terrain Adventure

“Here are some photos from a mixed terrain ride I “stumbled upon” yesterday.  I would highly recommend it if you’re in or visiting the Ogden area.  Unless you take a mountain bike, there will be quite a bit of hiking in the beginning, so a lightweight Viaje setup seems a good tool for the job.  The ride really begins with a long climb up North Ogden Divide to the Skyline trailhead south.  An overcast day would make perfect conditions to try to make it to the top of Lewis Peak (8,022′), but otherwise to wear sunscreen.   The hike is roughly an hour.  Being in fairly unknown territory, with strong winds, intermittent snow drift which cut across the trail, and a little food, makes for good adventure.  Be sure to bring at least two bars if you want to push the pace, but no need to charge, there’s a ways to go.

Nearing the top, I found Lewis Peak was still mostly inaccessible due to snow, “forcing” me to begin heading descending toward the Pineview reservoir.  I say “mixed terrain” but make no mistake, this is mountain biking territory.  Still it made for one of the longest, rockiest, yet flowiest single-track runs I’ve ever done.  I would however recommend tubeless tires to anyone taking a Viaje down it.  The day prior I succeeded in flatting twice despite the 700×45 tires.  This day I would flat not once on tubeless 700×35 tires at 35 and 40psi!

Finally back on the road, you can follow it around the north end of the reservoir, stopping for a coffee and sandwich at the Valley Market in the township of Eden, truly a paradise by many standards.  With energy renewed continue clockwise around the reservoir, it’s nice flat ride, without much traffic at all, and great views of the surrounding peaks.  After about three miles, take a left onto Trapper’s Loop and begin the ascent to Snow Basin ski resort.  It’s good climb of 7 miles, with a fairly even grade.  Compact crank is recommended if you like to spin, or go bigger if you like to grovel.  In any case the grade was kind enough to me, just enough to allow me to turn over a 42×32 low gear without feeling too heroic.  I just pretend I’m Bradley Wiggins, and it’s all good.  So mental.

At the top, it’s time to celebrate, because it’s time to drop back into the canyon.  Begin the final descent from southern section of Parking lot 3, and follow signs to Wheeler Creek, into Icebox Canyon, and down Wheeler Canyon.  Hold on because it gets rough, but stay loose, because…it gets rough!  An absolutely magnificent finale, complete with tricky rock sections, green with trees and the rushing sounds of the creek.”

– Omar