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How To: Installing SKS Longboard Fenders to Your Volagi Liscio

Initially, when I set out to get a few different fenders to test fit to a Volagi Liscio, I chose the SKS Longboards as what I thought would be a sure thing. I’ve installed plenty of SKS fenders in the past with very few issues, and while the SKS Longboards don’t require any substantial modification to fit the Liscio, they are not the easiest to install.

One thing is for sure though, if you are looking for the ultimate spray protection, this is it. If you’re ok with only running 25mm tires, that is.

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Limited Edition Viaje Ti

The secret is out that Volagi Cycles has been busy developing the next endurance stallion in their stable of thoroughbreds.

We will be releasing the first 50 Viaje Ti’s as Limited Edition Frame Modules. With your pre-order of the Viaje Ti frame module, you will receive one of the first 50 frames with an engraving of your name, and the frame number out of 50.  Frame testing and subsequent development is progressing on schedule with the Limited Release scheduled for April, 2014.

Designed in the same vein as the Viaje XL, the Viaje Ti incorporates all the benefits of its steel framed counterpart, but with the comfort, durability, and weight saving advantages of Titanium. The same tire clearance and comfort aspects that Volagi is known for makes the Viaje Ti the Go-To bike for any club ride, double century, gravel grinder, and everything in between. The Viaje Ti is designed for the cyclist who needs a high performance, precise handling bicycle that leaves them feeling as fresh at the end of the ride, as they did at the beginning.

Of course, all Volagi bicycles continue to be meticulously assembled and inspected in house while being built to customer specifications.

Cyclocross Magazine:

Email [email protected] for more details on how you can be one of the first 50 owners of the Volagi Viaje Ti.  Or call 801-690-7008 to reserve your Limited Edition Pre-Order today.