Bikes designed for extraordinary lives.

With three frame options to choose from, we're confident you'll be able find the two-wheeled companion for your riding adventures. From sizing and component choices, to arranging your airfare and lodging, we're here for you. Your best cycling days are yet to come!

1. Endurance Road

2. Roads, Trails, and Light Portage

3. To the Ends of the Earth

LISCIO 2 - maximum tire size: 700x30

A bike that feels this smooth and climbs this well should equally reward you mad descending skills! We engineered huge smiles directly into the geometry and hope you find the same love for diving through turns that we do! Stout chainstays give out-of-the-saddle responsiveness, while the our Longbow FlexStays attenuate road vibration...and just look plain awesome--to be perfectly honest!

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VIAJE XL - maximum tire size 700x42

The Viaje is such the well-mannered gentleman on the road: smooth, predictable, and always handsome. But as soon as it sees trail it turns into an eager puppy that just wants to run run run run leap leap leap. With the ability to accommodate some rather puffy trail tires, it's the kind of bike that nudges you down the forbidden path, whispering, "Just go. Go!"

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VIAJE TI - maximum tire size 700x40

Titanium has got all the right properties for our signature feature, the LongBow FlexStay. It is this piece of engineering that puts our Ti bike in it's own category. Many talk about the magical and mythical ride of Ti. We would have to agree. In practice, we find that while just as comfortable, it just seems to lunge with a bit more gusto than its steel sibling. Otherwise it boasts most the same feature as the Viaje XL with a few key improvements:

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Introducing Liscio and Viaje