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Volagi is an innovative bicycle and design company born out of the need to serve the everyday athlete, ordinary people like ourselves with extraordinary weekend ambitions, to discover our unlimited capacities through the sport of endurance cycling. We seek to support this community by providing high-performance endurance equipment that better suits our physiology and sensibilities, with beautiful form following that function.


Derived from the Latin root "vol" (will, wish, desire) and "agi" (keep going, do, put in motion, act) Volagi translates as "The Will to Go". It's the one thing that matters in the final hours when your pace is eventually driven by the amount of concentration you can muster, how focused on the moment you can stay.

Robert Choi - Bio

Robert Choi


Favorite thing about working for Volagi: "Everyday at work is like a bike ride."

As the bicycle industry can often become overly obsessed with the needs of the pro racer, Volagi came into existence in order to take the best innovations and technologies in cycling and link them to the unmet needs of the everyday rider, even those who might think of an astronaut when they hear the name "Lance Armstrong". The disc brakes and curved tubes seen on all Volagi bikes are evidence of Volagi's "insatiable desire to it better" and are only the beginning of our commitment to the ordinary person with an extraordinary goal.

It was in 2010 that Robert Choi and Barley Forsman decided it was time to turn these ideas into a reality. An engineer and designer respectively, these long-time friends and industry veterans fused their passions for innovation and design and applied that to the sport that had given them so much, in the form of a bike designed precisely to knock out +200 mile races. (For perspective, Robert is a four-time California Triple Crown winner while Barley and Susan had both set course records for the fixed-gear category in the years they raced in the Furnace Creek 508, 2004 and 2010 respectively. Yes, that's 508 miles through the Mojave Desert).

If you recognize names like VistaLite (the first blinking LED tail lights) or the CamelBak Bite Valve, then you already know something about them. With close to 40 patents between them, they have a solid track record as innovators of products of great utility, and often striking lines. Volagi is a continuation of that legacy.


Barley Forsman


Favorite thing about working for Volagi: "It’s an excuse to go for a ride – product testing!!"


Susan Scarlet-Macaw


Favorite thing about working for Volagi: "The freedom to keep pursuing a dream."

For us, what distance riding offers every person is a journey full of discoveries, of panoramic vistas, mountain passes, remote backroads, and some of the most breathtaking sights some may never see. But just as important, or perhaps more, are the all the life lessons we pick up, the insights we gain about our own capacities and how they are limited only by our mind and heart. Valuable lessons that can be carried into every part of life.

Endurance races will humble everyone and anyone. They have a way of leveling the competition, bringing even talented road racers into a torrent of doubts, mind games, and muscle cramps if unprepared for the duration. What IS strictly required is preparation. You must be conditioned, often over the course of months, just to complete a double century without injury to your body if not just your enthusiasm. Some may finish a double-century in 10 hours, others 20! It makes no difference, we all must relearn and hone our understanding of our body's specific nutritional needs. And that's part of the beauty of endurance cycling; it brings people together across so many categories: men and women, young and old, the genetically-endowed and otherwise. We all must train to push our thresholds for we're certain to face them. We must be prepared to transcend them courageously, intelligently, instinctively, always acting on the desire to know what's on the other side of "cannot". With adequate preparation, training and nutrition it's safer to break through physical, emotional, and mental barriers, even pain. "And what for? To what end?" you ask.

We're eager to hear your answer! And to hear your appreciation of what even ordinariness can accomplish, when you have "the will to go".


Cody Shibukawa

Purchasing, Inventory Specialist

Favorite thing about working for Volagi: "I get to work with the most enthusiastic people everyday!"


Ben Teague

Outside Sales

Favorite thing about working for Volagi: "The teamwork it takes to get riders on great bikes."


Eino Holm


Favorite thing about working for Volagi: "Learning new things, and working with cool people. And skiing. Ogden's got some really good skiing."


Drew Johnson

Australia Sales Distributor

Favorite ride: "In Oz the big loop through the National Park in Sutherland."


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